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Contact of Love originality of every heart

Contact of Love originality of every heart comprehensive evolution
Contact of Love originality of every heart : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, the contact of Love has lit up and here I am with you today from the Sky to talk, to explain the contact of Love that exists between us; over time we have been explaining to you that inside your hearts the contact of Love with our hearts is continuous, and for us, within our hearts is a wish for your own growth, your evolution, witnessing what you are expressing becomes important for us to give you help; experiences, we send you experiences that may represent a new step in your journey. If you therefore accept that every new experience contains inside the treasure of growth, your experience, my loved ones, will amplify and the journey on earth will be a rich and fundamental one for all of you.
Sometimes you will be surprised that from your brothers many things will be reproductions but will never be identical, they will be similar problems, but only similar, not equal; these experiences bring forward the heart and as you listen to it you understand that very heart; many times it happens that habit and detachment bring about this condition, but if you listen carefully as that heart expresses itself, you will notice that every story of a heart is truly unique.
The experience you are having is rich in this, in the contact with the hearts there is always this originality.
As I listen right now to my own words, I see reflection in you as you speak to many brothers, this concept of originality of every heart does not seem completely foreign to you, and continuing on the reflection, you add that as you mobilize your heart you pick up on this difference, thanks specifically to the mobilized Love.
This is the truth, when a heart puts Love into the contact at the time the heart is being heard, listened to, understood, it expresses itself in its originality and the richness lies inside this discovery.
So let’s continue with the example of all of us, as we listen, we always mobilize from the heart the Love for you, as you experience so many difficulties in this world from brothers who are learning from their mistakes, surrounded by the absence of manifestations of the Spirit, surrounded by these bodies that forbid you from listening to your truth of your own being a Spirit, surrounded by Love that is in constant evolution.
For us, my brothers, this is a reason to love you even more, evolution and compromises are always around all of you, and the examples of them are certainly not at the forefront, rather the await for many of you to recognize them before they are noticed, this is the Paradise, obscured from your eyes, conditions of existence in the many difficulties that crop up all time in front of your eyes, and constant violence place in front of your eyes examples of constant non-Love, on this earth, you either exist or your resist, despite this, if you exist on this earth it is exactly for your own evolution and for us, helping you is an effort of Love truly from our whole heart.
So far through the messages we have helped you understand that being on earth is only one moment of your comprehensive evolution, but it’s among the most important, because only on earth evolution means to slowly slowly noticing how much Love is inside you and as you mobilize it you are children of our father in the action toward yourselves and others, and we have always taught you that Love born from the heart contributes to create more Love, comprehensive evolution that creates your Love individually mobilized.
My loved brothers, this means that all around you is precisely where the evolution is taking place, in the people you meet there is evolution, you are immersed in your locations among brothers that are carrying on with their evolution, this is the soil on which you work, the field, the fruits that will come, from which all brothers will benefit, they will sweetly be the fruit of your meetings, your listening, your understanding yourselves in your originality, understanding yourselves in the heart of your mobilized Love, there are no other locations where you can experiment your evolution and promote the same evolution inside the heart, other than the place you are in now; this is ideal place for you to grow, to help others grow.
I will answer one of your questions “brother, why don’t you place in front of my eyes a point, a light that I may always follow?”.
In front of your eyes I place the Father of all of us, his embrace will be your embrace, his availability will be your availability, his need to want to listen will be your need to want to listen, his Love will be your Love, his help will be your help, and his joy will be that of being with you, helping you be Love, like he created you and with this passion He will create evolution in you and in the hearts of his children.
In this contact of Love, light will always be upon you
With all my Love
Your brothers Jesus Christ
Message dictated 14th January 2008
Contact of Love originality of every heart comprehensive evolution
Contact of Love originality of every heart
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