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The journey toward awareness

The journey toward awareness Let’s continue with Love message
The journey toward awareness : my loved brothers and my sweetest sisters, today’s message is directed to you to sustain you, to embrace you with all of my Love, you who live at a time when the Spirit is having great difficulties being a guide to all of your actions; today let’s talk again about Love, of course Love, because your nucleus, your essence, is exactly the Love of your heart.
On earth many difficulties push you toward contrasting, attacking or to locking up inside your own heart; many problems are often challenges and you often forget that it’s inside the heart that problems are first of all solved, inside you first of all, and then outside.
This mobilized heart for you is seen by you as almost always temporarily rather than permanently guiding your whole existence; you see enormous difficulties around you, in front of you are manifestations of mainly selfishness, and inside the heart, as you notice it, loneliness takes hold.
Embrace your bodies and begin to cuddle yourselves, for you the journey toward awareness is more difficult because around you there are no important manifestations of awareness but awareness is what speaks to you right now my brothers, true awareness, applied awareness in our Sky, awareness activated by you form this very Sky.
In front of my eyes I see many hearts happy with the journey we all have laid out for you, to be of help to you, and in these hearts there is a lot of hope that the journey may be for many an opportunity to rediscover themselves in their own essence, in their own heart, in their own Love; happiness and hope, but awareness that this journey you are traveling meets with difficulties in its daily life.
Being Love on earth is an effort, and this is the bitter awareness.
However, words come from our heart for you, all the time, and we will fill your hearts with a lot of hope “come on brothers, this is the time of your life when your brothers seek you, because life, the one you see, is the same life that many other hearts also see, and while inside your heart you hope for awareness, many of your brothers feel powerlessness and they seek the meaning of their lives; these are the hearts that are seeking hearts that are more aware, in their desire to be helped and to resume their own evolution, by placing their own Love as their Lighthouse in their own life.
This is the moment you are living, hearts that are growing in awareness and hearts that are seeking meaning and truth.
This is earth, hearts that are aware and hearts that are seeking.
You just need to talk about search, of recaptured meaning of existence, of messages, of explanations, of Love donated from the Sky and these hearts will find renewed hope.
The journey, just like you discovered, can be showed to you; and in the journey that witnessed your own understanding, reflecting, welcoming the truth, for many other hearts it can be the same if you show it to them.
The Love of the Sky is Love for everybody, it’s always opportunity for growth, reflection, awareness, life, a heart that listens and many hearts are seeking words to listen to, to understand, to live.
This is awareness, this is living; awareness of being a heart is living like a heart; this is what your journey taught all of you, to live like a heart; achieved awareness is what life is life as a heart.
This faith in our Love brought you here: life in the Love. It brought you to this, to the essence of yourselves, your heart, your Love, life as a heart.
My brothers, it’s sweet to notice how your heart always seeks to be itself in the various situations, in difficulties that bring many other brothers to be far away from their hearts; this effort brings the light to shine even more inside you, your awareness, as it grows, brings with it a beautiful feeling of peace, of wholeness; this is what you feel inside your heart; a sweet strength that lies with being inside yourselves, it’s not luck but its hard work that brought you here my brothers, to experiment these emotions, to feel yourselves and always seeking inside your heart your feeling of being yourselves.
So many hearts are awaiting sweet encounters with your hearts full of awareness, this is what you think when a heart comes close to yours, it seeks and your heart can aid in the search; with all of your Love you welcome that heart, each one of you, and this background, this world you are looking at, will shine even more with shining light.
My Love is with you to help you, it has always been that way, my life is for you, and my heart will always be for you.
With infinite Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 17th January 2008
The journey toward awareness Let’s continue with Love message
The journey toward awareness
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