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Pressure and seeking adhesion a need

Pressure and seeking adhesion a need to take sides an unwitting support
Pressure and seeking adhesion a need : dear I am here with so much joy my brothers, my loved brothers, my loved sisters, my eyes observe you and see the light turn on inside your hearts, sweet moments that bring joy into my feelings, in my heart so in love with you my loved brothers; today we will continue with the topic of this important moment that you living on earth, there is a lot of confusion, many forces are actively pushing toward different directions on the planet, conflicts that need people in order to justify their existence, injustice that at the same time needs many people to also justify themselves contradictions that need you in order to be brought forward; you are so important my brothers, they push you to give strength to a thought or to an action, you feel the pressure as you take sides, this is the effect of this situation.
And while you wonder whether to adhere or not, here come the motivations for your choice, motivations that you feel were communicated just for you, and to put you in a position to agree to what is necessary, just not necessary to you, but to those in the conflict, contradictions and injustices benefit from it.
You are so important my brothers, each one of you is important in that project, the agreement from each one of you is very important, brothers.
And if over the course of time you see in front of your eyes that profit, that exploitation, having agreed to it is no longer important, what’s important is the profit that was realized in the meantime.
This too is existence on earth, pressure and seeking adhesion, a need to take sides, an unwitting support of profit.
However, inside the heart you know that the earth is full with an unaware humanity that inside the heart has Love, but an unheeded Love.
The Love you have inside your heart speaks of equality for all, we are all brothers, brothers that have their own experience of their Love on earth; equality in the difference of creed, of color of skin, of place of birth, of conditions of life in which you grew up, but many equal brothers who proceed together toward this experience of life on earth.
This is the first concept that expresses your heart, and it should be heard because it’s the truth about you; it must always be listened to under every circumstance, the difference is only in the conditions, in the context, but what is important is your equality.
From this concept, brothers, from your being equal is where everything else originates as a consequence of it.
Being a brother is feeling upon you what could happen to another brother if certain situations changed from words to reality.
Would you like to live a reality of exploitation?
Would you like to live in a reality that undermines your health?
Would you like to live in a conflict, in a war?
Would you like to live in a reality without hope for life itself?
This is what being brothers means, feeling upon yourself what is happening to others, and in front of your eyes the answer to your request of belonging when faced with a conflict will be obvious, the answer to exploitation will be also very evident, and the contradictions, and the secondary motivations will be evident in your answer.
My precious brothers, this is the guide to your doing.
In front of the eyes of equality and effort, in trying to imagine for yourselves the life conditions that can affect your brothers.
In front of your eyes, brothers as if they were yourself.
Remember this precious teaching, you and your brothers are one unity, there no such a thing as a brother that can be separated from you, because there is only unity and this similarity is expression of this unity.
Even the big powerful people on earth, whom you feel far away, are part of this unity and it’s only the conditions that place distance in this unity, the appearance of distance, the truth is unity.
Now you know the principle of unity among brothers, and I have the impression that my message will lead you to explore in your heart if your actions always reflect respect for this unity.
For you this topic is a stimulus to search inside you for your own being a unity, and the many conditions in which this unity is beginning to express itself.
My joy continues on as you welcome the invitation to be an important movement in your own growth, the reflection of your heart in the present life; with joy I accompany you, with joy you welcome concepts and sweet invitations to your growth.
I also want to explain to you the concept of unity as a consequence.
If through your actions the concept of unity is a constant presence, your every action reminds a heart of the same concept of unity, and unity flows between you as an conceivable concept of being a unit, and many hearts will open up when they find the same concept of unity in their own heart.
This is your strength, the unity in the change.
May your heart bring change in the unity.
With all of my love for you.
In unity, your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 21st January 2008
Pressure and seeking adhesion a need to take sides an unwitting support
Pressure and seeking adhesion a need
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