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To understand in order to grow the mistakes

To understand in order to grow the mistakes of the past message
To understand in order to grow the mistakes : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, for you the past is often a reason for worry, mistakes, behaviors far away from the heart, situation that met with your selfishness, these memories invade your daily lives; like stains on your heart they condition your journey today; for us, in our eyes, I repeat, the mistakes of the past are those that, once discovered, take you through jour journey to a better heart, a heart that understood the reason for the mistake, and chose to be itself in the change, by placing the heart now in the center of its actions.
It’s important to understand this concept about the mistake, the stain of the mistake, it’s important to understand it in order to grow, it was a necessary stage to become really you today, if you notice that selfishness utilized as an advantage for itself, has sown seeds while you were reaping suffering and sometimes even great suffering, not only in the children but also in the people that you claimed your loved inside yourself, now the advantage that the selfishness had brought you immediately loses its use when faced with the hearts that now are closed off to affection for you; today time has taught you that Love erases selfishness from the heart and that without Love you can not find warmth in the heart of these precious children, or life companions, and in people that are aware of what was produced by your selfishness and this past that you now understand brings you to open up your heart and to rescue your children and the many people that now notice that maybe this was a problem of the past for you, this selfishness, but now understand that you have changed and inside their hearts they feel a renewed effort to love you.
Their effort brings into your heart a new warmth and now you notice that your selfishness was determined by seeing yourself as different, better than others, this is the trick played by selfishness my loved one; today, this change in your heart brought back the correct definition of you, you are a heart that lives of feelings, and you are the same as others, a heart among hearts that live of feelings.
This experience brought you extremely valuable teachings and your eyes saw and chose the change for you; what stain?, what great mistake?, I just saw a brother understand and grow, this stain is the past, and there it must stay, the change is today and this change will contribute to build present and future.
This is what life is for us, the passage through experience, from behaviors dictated by non-Love, and selfishness is the source for all, to behaviors, to feeling completely guided by choices of Love.
Many of you think that the past will come back like a great punishment once the death of the actual body comes, and in front of the Father we will watch an everlasting punishment for our sin, a sin because it would be wonderful to live in Paradise, and in that instant, you will see and understand your mistake with the same words that I have communicated to you today; “what?, no punishment?”, you will ask yourselves, no, reality will be the Love of the Father who helps all of his children, and while for you the Love of the Father will be great example of Love, in the Sky and over the course of time you will finally manage to live with your past mistakes and the reality of your Love present in today; in your heart you will finally feel the warmth that is life, Love sends warmth into the heart, and this will be example for you of the life of the Father and of his Love.
You are listening carefully, sweet brothers and sisters, this passage through the experience to free from your heart the great Love that you have inside you is the life on earth, and it’s a source of great joy if one day, next to the Father, in front of his eyes, from the heart you will be able to say about yourselves, “I have loved, certainly not from the first day, certainly not every single day of my life on earth, but I have loved, I even learned from my mistakes, from the selfishness in me, but I have loved, Father”.
And looking at the eyes of the Father filling with joy for what his child has conquered, a wonderful embrace of Love will envelope you and with this embrace you will walk among your brothers in Paradise; one moment, the eyes of the Father, and then Paradise will forever be in your heart.
All this is to explain to you that if a mistake you made in the past brought about this change inside you today, leaving the error in the past, thanks to your heart you will be able to feel present in you the sensation of Paradise already inside you on earth.
Past in the past, present in the Love
With joy inside my heart now I kiss you my brothers
I am all for you
In the present, your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 24th January 2008
To understand in order to grow the mistakes of the past message
To understand in order to grow the mistakes
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