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Truth the concepts of the truth

Truth the concepts of the truth Love is the truth believing
Truth the concepts of the truth : with joy in my eyes I am with you, today I will talk once again about Love because guiding your heart toward the concepts of the truth is my promise of effort that I made with you through these messages; the truth, Love is the truth.
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, let’s begin from the Sky to talk about your brothers who once decided that nothing was going to await them, who believed that neither Paradise nor the Sky were real, only nothingness followed death and there are many who nowadays still believe that nothing will await them.
As they thought that nothing was going to be on the other side, they lived their lives like a single reality, in their eyes and in their Spirit they saw life among you as a unique opportunity of existence.
Not even animals end with death, and for you this passage is so rich of meaning that the eyes, fogged up by the possibility of nothing, could not see it.
In those moments, when those bodies approached death, there was so much anguish my brothers, feeling that you will be nothing, it brings so much anguish into the heart; many rediscover hope in those moments inside their hearts and for many the search of the real meaning of life, brings in front of their eyes the possibility of future existence, even if inside a reality that is completely unknown.
These hearts are suffering, they are anguished, but it’s as if hope managed to bring some messages of future life; inside the picture of us and of what we have left behind on earth of ourselves, the life of our passage on earth and this memory increases hope.
For others, the nothingness, this great anguish in the nothing, then becomes occasion to start looking back, to the moments of life lived and almost always a balance sheet is drawn from the heart, even anguish can bring help and in the precious moments where death is thought of, you think back of life and at the center of the balance sheet is how much your heart has loved during your existence.
And here comes the moment, the Spirit detaches lightly from the body and descends into the immensity of the truth; I understand that for you the concept of descending is a concept of physical moving, of the body, but descending into the truth is a concept of the Spirit and this concept shows the simultaneous existence of a physical body and a spiritual body; the descent is therefore not of the body but of the Spirit, which can take consciousness of the two levels, physical and Spiritual as both creating it; this is the passage during that moment, recognizing itself from the physical, from the body, to being Spirit; it’s in the Spirit that you recognize yourself at that moment, and the Spirit surrounds itself with light of other entities that also recognize themselves in the Spirit; in front of your eyes the truth, the Spirit that meets another Spirit, brothers you once knew, sweet Angels, impatient to guide them with Love in their passage toward the life of the Sky.
We witness so much emotion overflowing from those hearts from being a truly magnificent experience, feeling those hearts beating with joy and happiness is a wonderful experience and for us, taking them straight to the Sky in a short moment is like donating even more joy to those celebrating hearts.
This is our Sky, this is life up here, this is where we have been, where we came from before being on earth, this the Home of all of us, all of us brothers, this is our real life, the one we lead here in this Sky.
And your brothers respond to these words “Why did they never tell me the truth?”, “The truth was always said, today and over time, but believing is noticing that the existence is infinite, beyond the limits of the material world, this noticing is also known as belief, and life in many moments brings challenges to this noticing, and every brother knows this, but it’s up to you to treasure these experiences, forgetting is like erasing truth from your eyes, you erase possibility of knowing the truth.
And this discussion is also for you my loved brothers and my loved sisters, treasure, all of you, do treasure those moments where the Sky manifests to you, it’s a sweet advice for you who are seeking the truth.
With all my heart I sweetly say goodbye
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 28th January 2008
Truth the concepts of the truth Love is the truth believing
Truth the concepts of the truth
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