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Passage of life to the Sky

Passage of life to the Sky the moment of the passage of life to the Sky
Passage of life to the Sky : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, here I am with you with my heart, to talk to you about this heart at the moment of the passage of life to the Sky; many of you remember the last message I dictated for you, we looked at what happens to your hearts when nothingness is all that is expected after the physical death and the joy of the brothers once they leave their physical bodies, they then recognize themselves in their own Spirit; I told you that this passage is often beautiful for us to live because that heart catches fire with joy for this new awareness of being Spirit in the body of a life that just took place on earth, and Spirit in all its greatness at the moment where death allows the exit of the Spirit from the body.
Of course for you it’s a moment of sadness, difficult for everyone to handle because you loved those bodies, you spent time with those bodies, you exchanged love with those bodies, those bodies allowed for moments of joy, those bodies allowed sharing, and it’s difficult to let go of those bodies, the presence of those bodies in your life.
That desire to go back to meeting those bodies is very intense, a desire that for a long time is inside the Soul of those who are suffering and also in those who know that the body was only the recipient of that Spirit that in reality was being loved, it’s the Spirit that allowed for the sharing of moments of joy, it was the Spirit that allowed for you to exchange Love and it’s always the Spirit that you seek, manifestations of the loved Spirit.
In the passage from the life in the body to the renewed life in the Spirit, it’s exactly in this Spirit that we recognize ourselves and it’s very clear that the instrument of the body was utilized for the movement of the Spirit.
Can you imagine the joy you feel when the Spirit recognizes itself?
How can I explain?, when I recognize myself as Spirit the joy is in the being, I am, this represents myself, I am this emotion, I am this emotion of happiness, and of freedom, and of lightness, I feel inside the heart, I am emotion, I am great affection, I exist, I am emotion of Love, this is what you feel in the heart as a Spirit.
And this is an important moment because in that moment you discover full awareness of oneself and it is from this awareness that you begin to look around your life, your existence on earth and your existence in the Sky.
Everything changes so much, in the Sky awareness allows to be exactly as you are, recognizing yourselves as a heart, as a feeling, it makes you move automatically toward other brothers as a heart, as feeling. Awareness of yourself is altered, and this change is the reflection of your awareness.
It’s always you inside that Spirit, the body was in charge of movement, but you had forgotten inside that body that you were actually a Spirit, temporarily moving inside that body so you could experiment yourselves inside a body that conceals you.
And in the passage you regain your true identity, I am Spirit, now and forever, in every condition, I am Spirit.
My brothers, pay attention, what is your Spirit communicating to you right now?, is there maybe a question inside you?, what Spirit has awareness of itself when it is on earth?, what Spirit recognizes itself in the lightness while on earth?, what Spirit recognizes itself in the joy of being itself while on earth?, what Spirit recognizes itself as being a feeling while it is still contained inside the body?
My sweet brothers, my sweet sisters, I will answer these questions; inside you there is Love and this Love speaks to you about Spirit, when you exchange Love isn’t’ it maybe a feeling of joy that is inside you?, and by loving, don’t you experiment that lightness inside your heart?, and again when you love, don’t you recognize yourselves in all the intensity of the feeling that you are experimenting?, and so?, it’s your Spirit that is manifesting, that Spirit is you, you love, you produce the feeling, you bring the feeling, you share the feeling my loved ones, you are Love, you are Spirit my dear ones.
When your recognition as your Love at the center of your selves, the recognition of the Spirit is also for you experience of “I am“, you don’t need to think too hard about it to recognize yourselves as a Spirit, love and your recognition as a Spirit will be your identity.
I embrace you my loved brothers, my loved sisters, with all my heart.
Your brother Jesus for all hearts.
Message dictated 31st January 2008
Passage of life to the Sky the moment of the passage of life to the Sky
Passage of life to the Sky
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