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Awareness You are Spirit sweet Spirit

Awareness You are Spirit sweet Spirit The Spirit of Love Message
Awareness You are Spirit sweet Spirit : my loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, once again today I am next to you to talk to you about the Spirit; soon this great awareness will be always with you, you are Spirit and the Love inside you testifies to your being Spirit, sweet Spirit, Spirit of Love.
You have always loved, starting with your parents, and over time, your brothers and sisters, and your journey has always been in search of Love.
Why?, it’s natural for a heart with an awareness of growing through the experience of Love to expect Love, to search Love, to live in that feeling, waiting to live experiences of Love.
There are numerous hearts like yours who right now are suffering because brothers are not expressing what should be natural for them to express, their sweet Love, you feel it inside you, in suffering, this great need to share within Love; it’s you, loved ones, searching for yourselves, it’s your sweet Love seeking moments in which to express itself, to be able to bring to others, as it is natural to do, the affection of your own hearts, and my loved ones, you are always seeking someone with whom to share the expression of Love right now, therefore, your heart, with inside the need to express itself in the Love, shows you your being Spirit in the search of expression of your heart; can you feel how natural this need is?, of course; in the Spirit, the expression of your self is a natural need.
And let’s move on to the many other brothers who over the course of their lives have satisfied this need, they are brothers who present the expression of Love to all of you in the relationships that they built, where the need to express themselves in the Love is dedicated to their children, to their loved ones, to their families.
Many brothers among you today are always working as an expression of Love of themselves and you all remember the sweet pleasantness when they intervened, your problems were solved but in the enchantment of Love through their gesture, in their smiles, in their actions, even a job can be an opportunity to express your own Love for the Spirit.
And many brothers and sisters are still expressing themselves in the Love through their effort to improve everyone’s world, so many activities are often slowed down by a superficial conscience, however there are many brothers who for years invest their Love and their time to realize the changes that they would love to see already realized; this is also expression of your own Love, over time, through a difficult journey, facing many problems, nevertheless this is also a priority for that heart, the expression of your own Love to build a better world.
Many brothers bring you their Love with their examples, in all of their efforts there is expression of themselves, there is the entire expression of the Spirit that resides in their bodies, there is the whole naturality of their Love that pushes them to be of example.
As you listen now, you are all sweetly observing many and many brothers and sisters’ expression of themselves, they are incarnated with you on earth, and you are all observing them as a Spirit, they are no longer bodies, but their need to express themselves completely in their being Love is what you have in front of your eyes right now.
In this moment the truth is in front of the eyes of all of you, the Spirit, you only see the Spirit of your brothers.
You also sweetly look with the same eyes, the existence you have lead, from the first moments, has been nurtured by the need for Love, for you asking for a hug was like feeding your heart to then donate your own affection; for you to notice the Love that was around you was an opportunity for you to surrender to your expression of Love, for you every person was an occasion to find and give affection and over here you were small but from the first moment this is what you seeked, the conditions to be able to express yourselves in the Love.
And now life in its many moments has represented for you moments where you can express your Spirit, the affection inside you, all the Love that you have inside you.
Do you recognize yourselves?, of course, it’s you who leads your life and the many experiences that today you now view as memories, as you look at them with your eyes, they are talking about Love from the past, from the expression of Love in the past and today, again every emotion that you feel speaks in the present of the expression of your Spirit; in the joy, in the welcoming, in the help, in every caress you give, in every sweet advice, it’s your heart manifesting itself, it’s your Spirit expressing itself in the current moment.
My loved ones, isn’t it natural to Love?, of course, because you are Spirit and it’s natural for the Spirit to love.
Just like it’s natural for my heart to love you, so it is for your wonderful heart.
With all the Love I have for you,
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 04th February 2008
Awareness You are Spirit sweet Spirit The Spirit of Love Message
Awareness You are Spirit sweet Spirit
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