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The Emptiness Of Feelings Feeling Emptiness

The emptiness of feelings feeling of emptiness inside you authorization to be
The emptiness of feelings feeling of emptiness : my dear brothers and my dear sisters, how can I teach you to put your heart into your life?, if you are a heart, it should be natural to love, it does not need teaching, the only teaching would be to allow yourselves to be all of that you are, an important teaching is therefore to exist as a heart as an authorization to yourselves to be yourselves; the famous freedom which you enjoy during your incarnation on earth is therefore your authorizing, moment after moment, to be yourselves.; as we listen to your heart we witness your every moment, your authorization to be or your hiding from the heart of others. I know that you look at these words with a specific question, “why hide?”, because, my loved ones, as you hide "there is an emotion that brings a brother to place distance between another brother and these distances are called privileges, power, but also insecurities and need for Love and here is a universe full of emotions that over time during your experience have been an opportunity to hide your heart from others, the universe of emotions acquires words of emotions in you.
So, so many times your emotions were hidden from a brother, emotions of your universe that found a thousand reasons not to express the authorization to be yourself; what did the time you negated to being yourselves leave behind inside your hearts?, the emptiness of feelings.
Let’s talk about emptiness.
The heart inside you wants to live, reach objectives of Love, reach conditions in which to express itself in the Love, this is the project inside your heart, to exist as Love in a world lived as much as possible as Love.
Brothers, do you see why a heart, at a certain point of its experience, perceives this emptiness? it’s exactly because this experience was prohibited over time to its being a heart, you can deny that the project of the heart even exists, but for you there is a manifestation of emptiness inside.
It’s an important experience to feel inside life abandoning the experience, many illnesses stem from this feeling of emptiness inside you.
If over time there is the rebellion to this sense of death, inside you something demands a change, for many of you there is no change unless there is a change in the outside world that may allow for a change in your emotions.
This process I just mentioned actually originated inside you, in the authorization you deny yourselves to be a heart, why mature experiences of negation of being a heart instead of being yourselves?
You think in terms that life brought you things such as experiences, education, parents, precocious experiences and later disappointment, and full traumas, this is your life in a moment where, due to age, inexperience, fear, or the famous survival, you have not been able to express yourselves, but life has changed when your heart recognized that what was only a manifestation of these hearts that have denied themselves, this is the truth brought to the heart of everybody; a heart that denies itself carries an experience of suffering.
I see that for you this affirmation is not new, it’s not therefore impossible to carry baggage and also be yourselves in life, this condition is the product of a choice, the choice of being yourselves, your heart, this authorization to be is what you give yourselves every moment, the feeling has changed when you are yourselves life is inside you.
There are so many experiences, joys and pain, projects fulfilled and sometimes disappointments, but this is what your life is, lived as a realization of yourselves, of you as a heart that is bringing forward its own project and as you alternate your emotions, life explodes inside you, and there is so much passion in your action, you will bring forward the project of the heart, as you accept the dark moments but enjoying with all your heart the moments of sunshine.
Now that Love is manifested in you, here comes the experience of a heart that is growing, here is an experience of life of the heart and your effort will sow hope for life all around you, in those hearts that are still negating themselves, in those hearts that are learning not to deny themselves.
So the teaching is that of not negating yourselves, but that of allowing yourselves to the life of the heart because this is the only condition for your life to really be lived as an expression of you as Love; life is not in not doing, life is in being because not doing is a consequence of your being, identity is a constant choice to be.
With all my Love I embrace you, you wonderful beings
With all my great Love for you
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 7th February 2008
The emptiness of feelings feeling of emptiness inside you authorization to be
The emptiness of feelings feeling of emptiness
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