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The feeling inside the heart emotion of Love

The feeling inside the heart the emotion of Love the language of Love
The feeling inside the heart emotion of Love : my loved and sweetest brothers, my loved and sweetest sisters, your heart is the receptacle of feelings, every feeling speaks to you from there, in your heart you feel the emotion of Love and the many difficulties to express yourselves as you are, difficulties like rage, contrasts, aggression, closure and even selfishness that you carry inside your heart are nothing other than difficulties, sometimes major difficulties for the heart to be itself.
If over time you consider even these difficulties as emotions, emotion for us is Love that pushes you over the time of your experience to exist as yourselves.
If over the time of your experience you interrogate your heart, you suddenly express yourselves to your brothers as if the change inside you had already taken place.
The fulfilled heart feels so much peace, sweet advice given only for Love, in the eyes, in the eyes of everybody, only expression of Love, and every gesture has a consequence for everybody, of the Love projected and produced.
Paradise, it would be like a Paradise completely fulfilled on earth if all of a sudden every heart, being itself, would start spreading sweet Love all around itself.
Paradise left and found again on earth, this wonderful dream could therefore be possible if all hearts began to talk together the language of Love.
The language of Love is inside each one of your hearts, this language is common to every being, it’s inside everyone’s heart.
But every difficulty in front of your eyes places the reality of the present moment, sweet hearts that do not express around them all of their Love and then difficulties and problems that to their eyes need help, now find difficulty inside the heart to listen and mobilize themselves with Love to be of help.
This non mobilized Love leaves behind so much sadness inside the heart, a sensation of not being able to be yourselves in this world that surrounds you.
But if for you being here and listening to me is a sweet stimulation to be, even through your difficulties, even in the present world, even in the world that today does not speak united with the language of Love of the hearts, for many brothers who are committed in life like you, this hope that one day earth like Paradise will be ruled by Love, then these difficulties assume the meaning of forever; the prospecting of a hope disappears, the dream inside the heart disappears, and the difficulty to love becomes a permanent part of your being in your life and that condition causes the extension of certain conditions in the organization, in the non-Love of being among you.
Determined, forever, is only the project that all of you carry in the heart, you carry with determination your ability to be Love on earth like in the Sky, the difference is that in the Sky you carry Love as recognition of yourselves, while on earth not seeing evidence of your Love determines a suspicion of being something else other than Love.
But if during the experience, listening leads you to identify the Love inside you for what it really is, it defines you, and to listen to the explosion of life inside you at every moment in which you live, now the recognition is possible to the eyes that you carry in Paradise, it becomes recognition of yourselves even while on earth.
Why do we teach?, why do you regularly hear our words for you?, this effort for you is so that you may know how to recognize yourselves in the Love that has been with you since always, so you can live it on earth in the many conditions of life, cherishing the moments of contact with Love to be able to be yourselves and to be able to be happy like in the Sky, your same hearts beats on earth, and seeking a solution to problems always by seeking the answers in Love.
In every intervention it’s Love that speaks to you, a sweet stimulus to your hearts to be yourselves and as you are then nourished, you bring your same Love to others.
Every project needs time, we are here over time with our Love, because the time of our brothers may know changes toward the language of the heart, you are crucial to the project, each one of your hearts is crucial, every act of Love, every moment of Love, it is crucial for all hearts, with patience and Love the change even in the impression will come to earth.
For you my Love wraps up with hope, you, precious contacts of my heart, I am always with you, to you my help brothers, with you my hope of Love for each one of my brothers.
With the heart brimming with pride for having loved you,
For ever with you,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 11th February 2008
The feeling inside the heart the emotion of Love the language of Love
The feeling inside the heart emotion of Love
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