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The energy of Love reaction variations

The energy of Love reaction variations of the level of Love Messages
The energy of Love reaction variations : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, inside your hearts shine the light, the light of Love, this allows, my dear ones, to be in contact with us, to listen to us, to feel, the heart of the other person is inside your emotions, this is what light makes possible as you listen to your heart, listening to hearts in contact, you feel the emotions that we send you inside your hearts, thanks to Love, and at the same time the emotions you send to all of us are felt inside our hearts thanks to Love; this contact is possible because the heart transforms itself and takes on the emotion that is being sent, think of free energy, fluctuating, transforming, sending you feelings, for example, people around you are feeling fear, now in your heart the energy of Love transforms into danger, it’s not so much a concept but rather a feeling inside you, a certain sensation of danger, and then let’s make another example, you are in the countryside with your friends, you are having a picnic, among you there is joy at sharing a moment of relax, a nice spread of food, countryside, the fresh air, at your heart level your energy transforms into an emotion of great pleasure.
If in your hearts you are reacting to danger or pleasure, the energy of Love of your hearts is changing and your own energy inside you is determined not so much by what is happening around you, but rather by what is happening inside you as the light of Love transforms itself.
Why don’t all hearts react with the same emotion?, because the difference lies in the reaction to the transformation of the light of Love.
Going back to our example, despite the fact that we felt the emotion of danger inside our heart, why is it that the emotion of danger can inspire such wildly different reactions?, some people may run away, some start screaming, some try to help, and some seek to work on the source of the danger.
In the same situation with the serenity created by being in company of friends, there will always be someone who will make this pleasure theirs, and some others who will take it as a stimulus to also donate their own contribution to create an even greater pleasure, then there will be those who will take the stimulus to bring their own problems to everybody, and there are those who will welcome this even as a moment during their week, a pleasant moment, but a minor moment nonetheless.
Can you notice how much difference?, the transformation of the Love that is born spontaneously in the contact with other hearts produces variations in being in contact with this transformation inside their hearts.
What did this variation in the contact produce?
Your Love, the Love inside you produces variations according to the level reached in the intensity of expression of yourselves, every experience could bring the intensity of your being Love to grow, or on the contrary it could decrease it, decrease more and more your own complete expression, this expression is what determines the variation at the contact with the transformation that your Love in the contact with those hearts underwent naturally, this expression is what determines such different reactions from the heart.
So the process that determines your actions is inside the heart, your transformation of Love and how you react inside to this transformation.
Inside you feel transformation and reaction and this is what determines your expression outside yourselves, your being Love.
Therefore, if we feel transformation inside ourselves, we also feel a reaction and this reaction is what we can all perceive and work on.
Again inside the heart we can question ourselves on the reason why we react the way we do to a transformation, because the way we react is the expression of ourselves, is that the way that truly represents us?, this is the problem, are we represented, is our being represented in that internal reaction?, if I think not, then I should focus on the experiences that caused that reaction, so that I can choose for myself which reaction better reflects me, my self, in my expression right now but if I think that it does, this means that at that actual moment my heart represents me exactly in my expression, checking my reaction inside me will allow my full and coherent expression of what I am, expression of my being in the past and of my being in the present.
My dear ones I hope that over time everything I told you will bring a constant attention on what happens inside you, so that every intervention you have may bring to the outside the Love you feel inside you as an expression of yourselves, not reactions because you felt them, but only a real expression of yourselves.
With all of my love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
The energy of Love reaction variations of the level of Love Messages
The energy of Love reaction variations
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