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Listening to heart attention to the heart

Listening to heart attention to the heart Turning the attention to the heart
Listening to heart attention to the heart : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, let’s light up in our hearts the light of our great Love and let’s turn our gaze to all those brothers who are experimenting next to us, so much diversity inside the hearts, sweet hearts flooded with Love, waiting for an opportunity to bring their own affection to others, all other brothers; sweet hearts that wait for the experience of Love to gain strength from it and bring to others all the affection that they have inside; sweet hearts that are still waiting for the right moment to evaluate the situation before bringing all of their selves, their own hearts, to others; and then sweet hearts that wait for the signal that Love really is the most important element for being on earth; they are all sweet hearts and if often as they wait for a sign their own being on earth does not find a relation to what is in the heart, there is always a lot of waiting for the truth.
Even for them, for every child of the Father, Love is always present inside them, there is no child that does not feel his Father while he talks to his heart, there no child that does not feel the presence of the Father, maybe the listening only lasts for a minute, but every child knows inside his heart about this presence that guides within Love.
Today we will begin to notice the presence of the Father inside our hearts.
Right now there is silence, in your heart not a word is spoken, does this silence make an impression on you?, we listen in silence.
In silence we listen as our mind questions itself, am I hearing correctly?, is the heart sending me emotions perhaps?
And so the silence continues, but am I living in this moment? I am listening to the silence, actually listening is already an important moment, listening is the possibility given to myself to be able to hear, here my loved ones, listening to your heart means possibility that you give to yourselves to hear; we conclude this experience, as you were trying to feel, all of your attention was aimed at your heart.
My loved ones, let’s treasure the experience we all made, right now there are no words for this moment, but it brought your attention to the heart, this is the method of paying attention to the heart, you can use it during your experience, while life involves you in the experience, so you may feel it inside your heart, turning your attention to your heart inside you allows the heart to feel, not only what you are feeling but especially the emotion that guides you and involves your heart in the emotion, inspiration of the Father for your Love.
For example, next to your actions you will sweetly feel help and support to your doing, and at any time you will need some sweet support and encouragement you will turn to your heart, and during a particularly difficult moment you will find hope, and the effort will no longer be so great if inside you will feel a presence of Love.
The Father’s encouragement is inside you, and it sustains you and when offered it provides hope.
For you feeling inside the heart will be reinforced by the experience of feeling inside you, as you live your life, the light of the Father speaking to you, communicating, encouraging you, sustaining you.
You only heard a few moments of silence, the light inside you needed to guide you to listen to yourself inside, a need to lead his children to listen more aware of the world of the heart; only by guiding you inside yourself, you will discover the light that has been inside you since always, and that you often seek, not knowing how to connect to your own heart.
Today’s experience is in this, in silence you connected to your heart; in life there are occasions where you listen to what the Father feels in his life next to you.
He is inside you with Love, with immense Love.
I embrace you my brothers,
Your brother Jesus Christ,
Message dictated 18th February 2008
Listening to heart attention to the heart Turning the attention to the heart
Listening to heart attention to the heart
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