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Love Toward Love focus on listening to heart

Love Toward Love focus on listening to the heart the light of Love expands
Love Toward Love focus on listening to heart : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, a desire has come from your hearts to enable you to always look at the Sky and feel inside your heart the constant presence of our Love; even with every message suggesting to you our again and again our constant presence next to you, through words and through the feeling that we are expressing inside every message, we see in you a difficulty in listening to this presence directed to each one of you, if this message is conveyed by Sara, it’s only because her journey has determined in her a listening to the heart that has allowed her for a long time to hear and to send to all of you the words that I donated, but you are all identical to Sara, some of you are reaching levels of listening that allow them to listen to messages and to transmit to other brothers, and then many are busy with their project of listening to their own Angel and for many the project started just by understanding that, as a child, Love can communicate.
You are listening to my many words and inside your hearts you hear inside this message my own presence, “of course, my brother Jesus is speaking to me, it’s a presence of words and affection, I feel everything by listening to the message, shame I am not feeling it inside my heart all the time, like I do now”.
Brothers, not only do my words accompany your daily lives, but it’s the feeling of Love that I feel for you that is always present. In my journey I am with you, in the heart, and finding me is certainly not difficult.
How do you turn on the listening?, now I will explain.
Inside the heart you need to make contact like I explained the last time, your focus on listening to the heart is fundamental, think of how many times distraction made you forget when a brother was speaking to you, you noticed at that time that you were not paying attention to what he was communicating, well, in the heart it’s the same situation, I speak to you, but your attention is not inside you and there are so many words and emotions you did not hear, this is the reason, the first condition is to focus gently your attention to your heart, to the inside of your heart.
And so in the heart the light expands, as the light turns on I feel a sweet calling from you, you need me and your light expresses your need for a contact, a presence in your heart of my help of Love, from that moment you are in contact with your heart to the universe of Love you belong to.
Another necessary step at this moment looks at the intensity of the light of Love, like I explained to you, the light of Love transforms itself inside you by taking on the shape of the feeling that is being transmitted from inside you, the more intense the light of Love is, the easier it will be to recognize the transformation of the light of Love that is inside you.
In order for your light of Love to shine with intensity a message needs to come from your heart toward Love, or towards me if it’s me that you want to feel, this message must contain your request for help, with happiness in the certainty that your message for help will see an answer, this meaning is important, we are the ones who dictate the same Love that makes itself available to help you, we are the same hearts that you have been hearing about for a long time, it’s always us for Sara and for everyone and for you, this knowledge of our Love must guide to formulate with assuredness your request in need, this will increase the intensity of your light of Love.
Keep your focus to inside your heart, you will need to observe yourself in your emotions, to find the answer in the light of Love that transformed itself, proceed with calm, this transformation you achieved is constant inside you and your attention have all the time in the world to discover it.
Sometimes you will find an emotion that will tell you what I am feeling, take my emotion and look at yourself through those eyes, and you will find the answer that inside the heart will propose serenity once again.
The emotions sometimes will become words, the message will be your translation of the emotion you are feeling, they are not exactly the words that I am sending you, but what you are translating is the concept, the words are yours and they follow your style, your own speaking to you in the emotions; you know your stile when it speaks to you and it will be easy for you to realized that what you are doing is nothing but translating the emotion that you feeling, from me to you.
You need to give yourself some time and the impression that you will have as you listen to me will be more and more that of hearing exactly the words that I am telling you form the heart, they are words for you, but the style is different, it’s a style that represents me but you need to give yourself time, it’s impossible to do it immediately, because the Love of the heart needs to grow, it needs to be very intense to allow you to feel the words pronounced directly, and to then tell yourself “this is really the message from Jesus for me”.
This is a long journey, certainly, but it’s possible for you, it’s Love that gives you this possibility.
In front of your eyes, many hearts that yearn to feel.
To me, this is happiness.
Try, my loved brothers, try my loved sisters, but remember the essence: for your every need Love is the possibility, Love is the possibility to be in contact, Love is the possibility to listen to yourselves, your Love is the possibility to listen.
With all the availability that Love allows,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 21st February 2008
Love Toward Love focus on listening to the heart the light of Love expands
Love Toward Love focus on listening to heart
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