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Illness experience to love

Illness experience to love and to be loved Massage from Heaven
Illness experience to love : my sweet and loved children, today the Father is speaking to you, my loved children, my loved creatures, today let’s talk about the need inside you to be able to be happiness on earth, your need, my dear ones, originates from a long time ago, back when the dream that accompanied creatures on earth was achievable by you; on earth the same Love of the Sky is what you wanted to create in full freedom and since then my advice has always been the same “you all have a heart and in your heart is an immense Love, live with your heart and you will see the immense shining on earth, just like in the Sky”.
Well, a long time ago the desire was present inside you; a long time as passed, and this desire is still inside you, unfortunately on your earth, due to the need of the bodies, everything is predisposed towards materialism, even a child has materialism inside his body, but inside the body there is always the sweet Soul that learns, and that feeds from Love in the Sky just like it would like to do on earth, you are all sweet Souls, all sweetest hearts that beat inside those bodies, and you are all desire of fulfilled happiness.
Sadly it’s not so much the distance in terms of space that may make you perceive us as far away, but the distance is inside the heart; it’s in the heart, the heart you carry with you inside your body that can place infinite distance between us.
I will give you an example on the heart, my loved ones.
Let’s suppose you are suffering from an illness, there is distance inside the heart; let’s suppose that despite the cures from your doctors, the healing does not seem to arrive, in your heart the distance increases; you think of a miracle, you beg, you ask for a miracle for you and this miracle does not happen, in your heart there is a sensation that the distances are impossible to shorten, let’s assume that at a certain point death becomes a possibility for you, what can that heart expect?, and the distance increases, then one day death will arrive and at that moment you will feel surrounded by joy, this joy will be experience of this heart, looking back at the past, you will ask yourselves “how much did I love and how much was I loved?”, and in that moment you will notice that in all this experience, certain brothers have dedicated their own heart to love you, to be of support to you, to help you with your various needs and thanks to them you have loved them and thanked them profusely for all their help during your time of need and as you look, you will feel happiness because you have loved and you were loved, and on this earth, far away from the Father, you were loved and you are happiness inside your heart for having loved at the same time, and you will find out that your need for happiness has been met.
This happiness inside you will make you reflect that even if during your life you have known illness, it was your experience to love and to be loved, looking back to what you were feeling when the illness happened, looking back at those moments when in your heart the distance from the Sky was increasing, you will notice how much your heart suffered at no longer feeling us, and you will notice that the pain that was felt inside the heart was the most painful; if in that experience, even in that particular condition, you had managed to feel hope that our hearts would have continued to be in contact, that hope would have translated into sweet Love for you from the Sky.
My loved children, this is to explain that often the search for happiness is not only done in absence of illness or problems or financial difficulties, because happiness in the heart coincides with Love, with being loved, with the act of loving, this is happiness for your hearts, and regardless of the condition you are going through right now, it’s always an occasion for you to love and to receive love; this is happiness, this happiness is in the Love, when suddenly a sign from the Sky comes, Love from the Sky reaches your heart, do reflect, isn’t it perhaps happiness, aside from what is happening inside your experience?, this happiness inside the heart does not have anything to do with the outside, it’s your heart that is feeling it because Love spoke of its Love to your own heart.
This is the condition that your heart awaits, waiting for Love, waiting to Love, waiting to Be love, in every condition, and in every condition it’s a privilege of the heart to expect to be loved from the Sky and from earth, this happiness is the product of being loved and of loving, and this is your experience, far away from me.
With all my Love, my loved ones, I invite you to gain experience in your heart to love and to be loved in every circumstance.
Your Father
Message dictated 25th February 2008
Illness experience to love and to be loved Massage from Heaven
Illness experience to love
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