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Fantasies and reality who commit homicide

Fantasies and reality To understand who commit homicide of creatures
Fantasies and reality To understand who commit homicide : my loved children, may this message I am dictating today reach inside your hearts, this is my help to understand how the figure of a father for his children may turn into something that no longer has Love for his children; there are fathers and there are mothers who commit homicide of creatures often looked for, and that were assigned to them from this Sky.
Your programs, the newspapers, the various sources of information, they often register these news, news of fathers and mothers who offend, who abuse, who maltreat their creatures and they register news of great incomprehension about the homicide of one’s own children.
A while back I dictated a message to help you understand the reason behind the news, but it’s time to go back and talk about it again.
I had explained to you that inside the heart of these children there was a great desire to love, but some conditions turned possibility into a great powerlessness to fulfill their desire, and this powerlessness, which was causing them pain, was transforming inside their heart into the horrific thought that eliminating the source of this pain, i.e. the loved person, would have returned serenity inside their hearts.
This is what I had said on that message, and I will take up this topic to help you understand it better.
When a child is being thought of, often the feeling of Love is projected over time, it’s experience between you of fantasizing over your relationship with that child, you live through him what the Love you will give him will be like, you think of all the advantages that he will have thanks to you, he will even have the respect for the life you have lived, still in the same fantasies so many tasks brought forward that would transform him into a successful creature; happy to be of consequence on earth, happy to be important, this is your prestige, your pride, when you fantasize about a child, your creature that thanks to you, and only you, will transform into all this.
In your fantasies, life is full of giants, and even before he comes on earth, you have made his life into your own.
And then comes reality, a sweet child crying, feeding, who is very delicate, and this reality is full of needs from this creature.
Not everyone is prepared for this, your famous fantasies did not prepare you for this reality, your child has needs that rule his life and consequently your own.
Life is measured by the needs of your child, life belongs to him and to his needs, needs that you attend to with your Love, however not all parents accept this reality, the dream is so far away, reality and fantasy, and in the heart impotence takes hold, for you, abandoning that dream was a necessary step while welcoming your creature, with a lot of humility you stay at their side and continue with your life, always respecting what the child will eventually decide to really do, in complete freedom, don’t’ abandon the dream, but by accepting the child, you are also accepting that his project for his life may be different than your own, this is a natural process, dictated by the Love that you feel, authentic in the heart for him, as you recognize his right, his freedom to exist and just like you tend to a newly born creature, you will attend to his journey through his life.
Natural, it’s a natural process to tend to your own child, being in the reality of a child and proceeding in reality with your own child.
However, there always children who are thought of with so much intensity, that the parents will have enormous difficulty accepting a child for who he is and here we enter the field that determines the problems; many children are punished because their reality is very distant from the image that was fantasized about of the life that was imagined for them, many children are mistreated for the same reason; inside the heart the wound expands “my child is so different from what I had envisaged for him”, and when a body has specific traits that break away from that fantasized image, and when a child says no, and when a child protests, now the fantasized image shatters and even when a child expresses himself, the image is shattered, and when his inclinations do not confirm the fantasized image for them, here comes the same fracture.
Every single such episode fills with pain these hearts that do not accept a child as an autonomous creature, they feel impotence in realizing their dream they had envisaged for that child.
Impotence and pain always produce violence, violence from pain, violence from impotence, and when pain and impotence are no longer tolerable, here comes a way that leads to death, in the attempt to restore serenity inside the heart, what was really killed was their own dream, but their dream is a creature in reality.
My loved children, I explained these situations in detail to you so you may understand why it’s different for you, as I help you understand the reasons behind these heinous acts, may you understand that a child is in charge of his own life; helping him within respect, encouraging him within respect and even supporting him within great respect, will raise him to be a creature that is fulfilled in his possibilities, in his inclinations, and in his heart he will consider you the best parents a creature can hope for.
My children, this is satisfaction, feeling the great Love repaying you for all the sacrifices, all the moments of difficulty you went through, for your guidance provided to protect, for the thousand attentions your heart paid to his life.
This is being parents, facing life next to them, in every condition, respecting and loving that creature recognizing him as his own creature.
With all my Love next to you, parents, I am here; I entrusted my creatures to you and I support so you can be happy with yourselves, in your hearts, about your being parents.
Your Father says goodbye and kisses you.
Message dictated 28th February 2008
Fantasies and reality To understand who commit homicide of creatures
Fantasies and reality who commit homicide
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