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Questions in life Why and Evolution Progress

Questions in life Why and Evolution Progress and Feast for the Heart
Questions in life Why and Evolution Progress : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, you ask yourselves so many questions in life , “why am I here?”, “was I here before?”, “where will I go when life will leave my body?” and your questions continue on, “why was I born in this family?” “why did I meet certain people?” “was my personal situation already determined elsewhere?” “why do certain brothers have experience of the Sky but I don’t?” why, why, why, “why are certain people full of hate?” “why violence?”, “why are certain types of violence involving children not forbidden by the Sky?” “why do we lose the memories of a previous life?” “why erase the memory of God from the heart?” they are all questions, all whys.
Over the course of years I explained all this to you, I have gone into details to help you understand how a heart, as it discovers itself, also rediscovers all of the truth that will answer all of his why’s.
In every message that I dictated I answered to a question of a heart, and there are several messages that, once you read them, brought you to feel as if that message was dictated especially for you and there are many brothers who, as they thanked me, had in their hearts my presence next to them.
Often we succeeded in sharing the joy of being with all of you, we celebrated progresses and many times we understood your difficulties, and it was always the Love that we celebrated; through every progress we celebrated the Love that helped you; through every moment of understanding we celebrated the Love that was with you to help you; in every moment of great emotions we celebrated the Love that, as it was making itself evident, would speak to us of our own hearts; and in the joy the triumph of Love is what we celebrated, this is our celebration inside the hearts, we always celebrate the Love.
While we look as always into the hearts, we pick up in you a certain difficulty in celebrating yourselves, you are the object of the celebration, every progress you make corresponds to a feast for the heart, every conquered awareness is a feast for the heart, like also every reflection that allows you to grow is a feast for the heart; if you listen inside yourselves to the emotions that your heart sends you, it is joy for yourselves, you have learned that you are growing, the mountain has been climbed, how everything is understandable now, it’s through these emotions that you celebrate the Love in your hearts, being more aware that we are celebrating in the heart allows you to finally live your complete expression of yourselves.
You say “I am”, and you are your own progress, and you are conquest of major expression of your heart, you evolved, evolution of your heart, why not celebrate, a feast in the emotion of the sweet heart that allowed all this for you? this evolution that you carrying forward is the sweet task to which every heart tends, brothers, we are many many brothers, and the evolution continues, a conquest from the heart and a message of hope and encouragement for those hearts to conquer the Love in the future evolution.
On the subject of feast, let’s celebrate Sara for the great opportunity that she has given to her heart over the course of the years, to be with you, Sara you have made so much progress, let’s celebrate all of this progress, may the constant evolution bring your heart to be like the Love that created you, being in Him with your being perfection, with your being in Him, complete recognition of being inside Him; let’s celebrate Sara Luce who is reflecting on these words, you are a part of Him just like every child, an apparent separation of a child from the Father, a particle seemingly separated from the Father, but an integral part of Him, this is what evolution will bring in every child, in his full recognition of being in the Father, and this will be the evolution for every one of his children over time, over time you remember forever.
The message started with a why and it ends with the word evolution, this is the word to which all of your “why’s” turn to.
One moment more, a short message of blessings for Sara who will celebrate her birthday in a few days, happy birthday my dear, with all the heart of your Virgin Mary, this sweet emotion that you send me is thankfulness, thank you to you my loved one, your brother is happy for all you have done in the name of Love.
And to her wishes I add my words, it’s necessary, it’s only thanks to you that sometimes I cry with joy, thank you for all of your effort, let’s celebrate your joy.
For all of you a kiss with infinite Love
The Virgin Mother Mary and your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 12th June 2008
Questions in life Why and Evolution Progress and Feast for the Heart
Questions in life Why and Evolution Progress
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