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Surrender of the Home of the Father and Life

Surrender of the Home of the Father and Life on Earth Project sealed inside the Heart
Surrender of the Home of the Father and Life : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today I would like to continue on the subject of when you left this Home of the Father to come to earth; as you saw this Paradise with your eyes, looking at Love embracing you, looking at the joy in the eyes of those you loved, saying goodbye for that moment that was going to be your life on earth, in those eyes you met the Love being completely expressed by a heart; you said goodbye to Love, it was time to be born, in your eyes there was surrender, and many hopes for what was awaiting you on earth.
The project that you planned for yourselves was sealed inside the heart, as always the Love of the Father for you is sealed inside your heart; His words, His sweet hope as He accompanied you, in your company the Father was going to be there any time you expressed your Love from your heart; His words at that time were extremely important “sweet heart, remember that I am with you, my Love inside your heart, that’s where you will look for me, and my Love together with yours will work together for everybody; you will hear me speak to you in the heart, I will send you emotions and together with you I will guide your Love toward its full realization; remember, I am with you”.
And then the Angels brought you to take possession of your body, a baby cry was your entry into life and from that moment on life has been on earth; in the heart is the memory, and slowly slowly in the mind you built your memories of your life on earth.
From the first moment you have also began experimenting yourselves with your heart, you have loved and received Love from others, you have learned that there is a big difference among all of you, conditions make a difference, possibilities make a difference, context, culture, they all make a difference, but they are all hearts experimenting themselves and they are all sweet hearts like the ones you met in the Sky, but life on earth does not allow much room for the heart, and everyone seeks the same truth in life, his being a heart in life.
There are many possibilities in life for a heart that is discovering himself, sometimes as you activate your Love there is a sweet surprise inside, more important emotions, more intense, more representative of yourselves, more real like a heart that is experimenting itself and a heart that turns all of its attention to its emotions will increasingly want to experiment its feelings even more.
And so over the course of time seeking those emotions of the heart manages to open up what had been sealed inside the heart, and all of this Love that has always been there becomes available to be experimented with more and more, and as you experiment it that’s how you return to being yourselves, the heart that used to talk in the Sky, the same heart that slowly slowly manages to speak also on earth.
And now the heart sees itself as happiness in loving, and would like to love every brother it finds around him, and it discovers an emotion inside, emotions that the father sends to this child to encourage him, to sustain him, and it’s time for the discovery of the presence of the Father inside the heart, a very sweet emotion, the Father inside us, a sweet emotion, and today it’s the Father that takes you by the hand to the discovery of your heart and to encourage you in your feelings, He sends you the great Love that you can all activate, He stimulates you to love more and more, with all of your heart and you begin to hear sweet words, not from your ears, but inside the heart, and this becomes a sweet life and so when you seek within your feelings, you have found in this life these sweet words promised by the Father, and now you are living them.
Only Love can allow all this, and the realization takes place inside the heart, through the multitude of experiences that a heart goes through as it activates Love; it’s a big process to be able to be a heart on earth, and it’s inside you, you just need to experiment yourselves in the heart, in the feelings, in what you activate from your Love.
Joy is inside you, in the heart that loves, in the heart that receives Love from the Father. It’s all inside the heart; the heart is all inside in the life.
I embrace you with infinite Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 0th June 2008
Surrender of the Home of the Father and Life on Earth Project sealed inside the Heart
Surrender of the Home of the Father and Life
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