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Built from Love Problem and Solution

Built from Love Problem and Solution Building a Solution within Love Choice Activate Love
Built from Love Problem and Solution : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, so the journey you are walking on earth is an experience of the heart, of every single Love expressing itself, so Love is the reason you are on earth; in the Sky you made contact with earth and you matured experience through all of the hearts that were on earth at that moment, and inside you, while being surrounded by our Love, you felt emotions of sadness, of pain, and even of anger, when seeing that in the world, hidden in those bodies, the Love of each one had so much difficulty in being expressed.
Looking at earth taught you that inside every body beats a heart, and it also taught you that the act of making yourselves available, the Love that gives us life, is a constant choice, each one of those bodies could have chosen whether to love, or not, each one of those bodies knew both selfishness and the possibility to give themselves, and each one of those bodies could have felt unique, himself, or like a brother.
By looking at earth you noticed a difference between you and each one of them, and yet as you looked around, if the eyes looked up, as they were looking at the Sky, they would see that it was all Love, but if they were looking among the brothers on earth, they would see mostly non Love.
And this was your first experience here in the Sky, and you understood that everything is built on Love, well-being comes from Love, the most beautiful relationships can only be built from Love, and even a message from the heart is built from Love.
And again looking at the brothers on earth, you learned that your Spirit feels that it is being built from each single act of Love, and that the meaning of life that is often sought after, is actually being build by your Love.
You learned not to believe to the senses of the body that perceived the darkness, a darkness to the manifestations of the Spirit of the Sky, and while you were learning, it became more clear that the manifestation of the Sky is inside the emotions transmitted from the heart.
Then you were born on earth, with all this knowledge, and the memory is inside you, in the ever-present heart, and your being on earth during the manifestation of your Love often allows you to regain all that you have learned, and this natural expression more and more in the Love is a consequence of it; you watch brothers express Love, it’s easy to notice in them that this is more and more this expression, it’s because they are simply remembering all of their Love and they are remembering that Love means to build.
Many brothers promise that Love will be inside them not only in the appearance of the eyes, and brothers promise their commitment in the Love for other brothers, and others still promise to resolve problems, and others promise to do things for the wellbeing of all, but if Love means to build, then every promise can only be activated if there is Love behind it.
Why is it that in certain situations you activate only the mind but not the heart? think of that brother, of his needs, to so many emotions felt in the heart at the time of the problem, and therefore activating Love is building a solution within sweet Love.
A solution that stems separately from the heart will never be a good solution, it will result in a moment in which you will say “the problem has been solved”, but what solution can it bring if there is no respect for the heart that is living the problem? so many examples of unheeded hearts, countless examples in all fields; you yourselves bring examples of how brothers behaved with you without respect for your feelings and you still remember the pain of the imperfect solution.
If Love builds a relationship, at least be yourselves in every condition and activate your Love, and as you are yourselves you will build around you the wellbeing that is only possible when it’s a heart that speaks and it will always be an opportunity to experiment yourselves in your great Love that you bring from the Sky and as you experiment, you will be witnesses to the eyes of the brothers of the Sky of what we already know in the Sky, for a heart that chooses to love, Being Love can exist in the Sky just like on earth.
Often, many times, the attention is on things; try to always focus your attention on the heart that is in question.
You feel you are a heart in front of other hearts.
With all of my Love
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 05th June 2008
Built from Love Problem and Solution Building a Solution within Love Choice Activate Love
Built from Love Problem and Solution
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