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The Life I Would Really Like Episodes

The Life I Would Really Like Episodes Love in Movement This is Time
The Life I Would Really Like Episodes : brothers, my loved brothers, sisters, my loved sisters, a message of Love for you today, I know, you have love inside your hearts, so much sweetest Love, Love for your brothers, Love to bring into the light but it is so difficult to express Love in a world that knows conflict, injustice, and so much pain; while observing your world the heart abandones hope; if success is what is sought after, if power is sought after, if being superior is also sought after, how can a heart be able to express itself?, a heart, the Love feels estranged from these values often presented to all of you as values.
How can a heart allow itself to love, when things all around speak to you of non-Love?
If inside the heart you asked yourself “what is the life I would really like?” as you listened, you would hear the heart say“, a life in the Love, I would like for every contact to be only for Love, I would like to feel loved in the heart for what I am, I would like to feel myself loving people for what they are, I would like for everyone to think of the goodness of the other person, and donate themselves in their help, in their support, in their difficulty; I would like for the world to use its resources for the welfare of everyone; I would like for every heart to respect themselves and respect Mother Earth; I would like for every thought to be a thought of help; from powerful people all the way to the most humble person, I would like for everyone to be respected; in a nutshell, I would like Love for everyone; the heart, when asked, expresses itself and it feels joy in thinking of all this is being realized.
But to realize you need time, and the heart knows this, but it also knows the great important fact that only Love can bring about this realization over time; if the individual brother, if the Love of a single sister is activated toward the world, there will be hope in other brothers, and the individual Love will lead many other brothers toward that Love; today is the time, tomorrow will be the time, and many more brothers will make their hearts their reference point for their lives.
If today there are countless brothers listening to this message of the heart, just like you they are in many and different locations, the sensation of being alone persists, why?
Do all of you really believe in what it said to you?, of course not, an episode is always an episode, the existence of an episode highlights a larger malaise, but it’s a malaise that is concentrated on those people who determined the event.
Just like people don’t kill each other when they meet, so these events are nothing more than episodes, just like human justice sometimes produces injustice, you know just as well as we do that justice always aims to protect from those who can bring damages and danger among all brothers and even if humanity received terrifying messages about the end of the world, I believe that in your hearts you know very well that it is not the truth, brothers that stir up terror want to scare you and bring the message that it is necessary for the heart to reclaim priority in life but life goes on, how would you like your life to continue?
Among the many questions that I go on explaining, now let’s concentrate on your heart.
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, as I explained to you, life is all in the heart, moment after moment, the life you live is inside your experimenting yourselves in the Love, even experimenting your heart can give certain impressions.
As you love, you will see reactions to your Love, by activating your Love you gain experience on activating the Love inside the other person, and again by activating your Love you gain experience that those who love spread Love around themselves, and while you sow your Love and observe others as they sow their own Love, the times when the heart speaks tend to build in you an image of the world that is increasingly real; not episodes, but Love in movement, people expressing from the heart and their heart’s hope , of its message, it spreads more and more and the message gets shared because more and more hearts are listening to that message and are beginning from their own heart to bring into the world what they would love to find inside Love.
This is time, the use that a heart makes of the Love it has inside, the time is in the experience, not in the counting of seconds, that is the biological time, but for the Spirit time is every opportunity where the heart speaks of itself in the expression of its own Love, time is a concept of the Spirit, and this time is inside you, in your experimenting your Love.
This is your time, the time for your Love to manifest yourselves in your experience on earth.
With all my Love, I am with you in the Love to help you.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 2 June 2008
The Life I Would Really Like Episodes Love in Movement This is Time
The Life I Would Really Like Episodes
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