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Death The Reasons behind Death

Death The Reasons behind Death The Reason there is Death Moment of Reflection
Death The Reasons behind Death : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, why do you reach the conclusion that you are so afraid of death?, today we will talk of the reason there is death; nobody remembers that they lived in the Sky, nobody remembers how they felt in the Sky, nobody remembers the reason you came on earth, nobody remembers if there were previous lives on earth; why can nobody remember?
I explained to you the reason by talking about your present, existing, being in this moment, being present in the heart in this moment means conducting your experience, right now, in the present, and this is the foundation for freedom, nothing added to it, just the present time; for you, Being right now is an experience of Love.
Over the course of time I also explained that the absence of memory is the first condition for the research of the heart as a Spirit, Love talks to you about the Spirit, of your being Spirit, it’s a research done in complete freedom and this research that is conducted in the present time is once again experience, experimentation, of your being Love therefore Spirit.
I explained to you that memories could bring you to be not with you, not with yourselves, not spontaneous, but rather planning actions to remediate errors that you made in your past memories, not so much yourselves but your memories would be a determining factoring in your lives.
So, like I explained, being on earth is like carrying forward a project, this is your present, yourselves, and the project you have come to realize; there is no recollection of this either, in order to allow freedom to yourselves, complete freedom to experiment and at any time you choose your project.
Your story is what you are building, moment after moment, then comes a point, death, and your experience has now become your story, you start writing your story, from the first cry to the conclusion of your experience, I know that many of you continue to believe that those young people who met with death early in life, illness, accidents, carelessness, with your eyes you observe life and often you can not find a meaning in the brevity, but you if you observed with your heart their story, you would see how much experience every child matures, just like us, even in an experience limited within your time; volumes have been written even in the course of just a year, and often a longer life means repeating certain experiences, correcting the story and adding news on how the heart carried itself in the next experience.
This is what you do on earth, in your experimenting, you write your story, volumes of your story and right now, death, you try to harvest all that you have written over the course of time, you gather all the volumes and you prepare to re-read them, to learn from your heart what it learned, what forced your heart not to be itself, and you are learning from your mistakes and also from your accomplishments.
So death becomes the teacher of life, to the eyes of your heart you are students of yourselves, and as you learn from yourselves there is further evolution in you.
If death makes you learn it’s because life was lived as a possibility inside the heart to experiment yourselves, and in front of the eyes of the heart this experimenting yourselves was the Love that you activated moment after moment in complete freedom.
And now that life has passed and you are busy re-reading your entire story, the memory of what you have loved in the past experience, the memory of the project that you carried out on earth, the memory of past experiences of life, everything comes back and it’s certainly not the mind that remembers all this, it’s your heart that speaks of itself from the baggage of memories it holds.
And you see your existence proceed in the evolution, an endless process, like a Love that has no end in its expression and as you touch on this experience you remind yourselves in that moment that you are immortal in the body of the Spirit.
Death is only the moment when you collect your story, tidy it up, leaning to discover by yourselves your own evolution and your own immortality.
Without death it would be an endless process of experimentation without any opportunity to learn from yourselves and the evolution proceeds over time in the process of reflecting upon yourselves, despite the fact that death may carry pain with it, think of death as the greatest moment of passage, with many books to read and re-read frequently to aid your own evolution.
There is no greater concept than death as a moment of deep reflection, this is what makes you grow, reflecting on your heart that you experimented, in complete freedom.
I embrace you and I surround you with this great Love that I have for you
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 29th May 2008
Death The Reasons behind Death The Reason there is Death Moment of Reflection
Death The Reasons behind Death
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