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Awareness of the Heart Darkness and Light

Awareness of the Heart Darkness and Light Hope and Love for you Message
Awareness of the Heart Darkness and Light : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, with all of our Love we are about to start with our dictation; the Love shining inside all of you is the same Love that shines inside our hearts, only the awareness of the heart is what differentiates us, if being in the Sky means seeing the light shine from our hearts even during times of darkness, for you who often forget the Love that you carry on earth with you, so you may experience it, during the moments of darkness you perceive the shadows.
And often the darkness has this meaning, absence of light in your heart and thus you move about in the darkness without hope, without the eyes that see that the path is actually always well lit; a feeling of loneliness, sensation of being abandoned to yourselves, sensation of intense pain, sensation of abandonment of your lives, I know, seeing is what we do, it’s the proof, but in this moment, isn’t feeling myself a proof of my being your brother? the eyes of the body are struggling to see, but do you feel the Love of the heart that is listening to me, thus this impression of non-existence that the eyes are sending becomes live existence inside you, inside your heart that is listening to me; this impression of Love that I am sending to you and that brings you to feel me, to listen to me, to read word after word, not only brings you a message of Love, but it also answers to your heart and it tells you I am with you, Love.
Advice is Love for you, an indication of how much you are living is Love for you, help is Love for you, a word dedicated is Love for you, and even a message apparently dictated for all is Love for you, this feeling myself speaking of the heart is Love for you, this repeating myself is Love for you, this reminding you of being Love is always Love for you, and if the light is ours is only because of the great Love that is for you.
Just like every heart feels inside the sensation of Love that we send, these words today are for you, so that you may abandon the darkness, fully aware that even though on this path your eyes today can not see the shining, our Love is constant light on the path on which you are walking; removing this darkness from your eyes means realizing that we are always there, together with you in your life; of course there are not true moments of joy when the complete darkness is felt inside the heart, but only moments where the heart sees a glimpse of light, but those are the moments that prepare the joy for your own eyes; the sweet sensation of seeing the light brings the heart to ask itself about what possibilities will make up our life for us, and often asking yourselves inside the heart makes the effort to reach the light, and on this illuminated journey there will be more and more intensity of light on our path.
Feeling the Love inside all of you, the sensation of being travel buddies reignites a feeble hope and brings a message of help of Love to a heart.
Inside the heart there is hope that life can be once again resplendent for all our loved ones, and resplendent for those who will love themselves, and resplendent for those who, like you, are living moments of darkness in your existence.
This is Love in the heart for you, in my heart and in every heart that looks at your heart from the Sky, I know, you need patience, placing light inside an illuminated heart is much easier, placing light inside a heart that is in the darkness and that is experiencing suffering is a long-term process, but if the hope reignites even in that single moment when a beam of light of Love brings a message through the thick darkness, as it picks up the message, the message of Love, the light that is everywhere, right now the heart will feel that it is alive and the weak hope will reveal a possibility from the heart.
Stopping that moment, feeding from that moment, understanding that this moment means you are not alone, this is understanding that our presence, which your eyes can not perceive due to their limitations, is always with you, it is sweet Love for you, it’s a sweet smile that looks at you and says Dear, I am with you forever in the Love, in the darkness as in the light, in the suffering, in the pain, just like in the joy, with your every step there is a my step, for me this is the Love I have for you, and if I feel that my light has entered your heart, I will feel happiness in my heart; there are many moments when I can illuminate you, turn these moments into encounters with me, a special encounter where your heart feels me and it tells itself Love never left me, can Love possibly forget the ones it Loves?, Love remembers forever, Love that turns to me and loves me is only Love for me, I am here for you from my heart, for you is my Love, forever, you and me united in the heart forever.
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 26th May 2008
Awareness of the Heart Darkness and Light Hope and Love for you Message
Awareness of the Heart Darkness and Light
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