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Heaven and Earth United in the Heart

Heaven and Earth United in the Heart United together as we Love
Heaven and Earth United in the Heart : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I am in the heart and as soon as your light of Love lights up, I am with you, your eyes can not see neither the light inside you nor this contact that is established between your Love that lights up and meet the Love that illuminates everything, our Love is united to your heart, and when you donate Love you are also donating the Love that is activated inside you.
Everything is a wonder when you donate yourselves, inundated with light, the other heart shines in the reflected light; the heart feels the light and it transmits to itself the understanding that it found, that Love that it found, the joy that it found and at that moment it reflects the Love that is transmitted and so joy produces that little sincere smile, the Love sends that being together that places a sweet smile and the transmitted understanding erases that sense of solitude and united in the heart it feels that the heart is illuminated.
These encounters are sweet moments.
And then, always enveloped in the light, that heart responds and it is a brother talking to a brother. In all this sweetest movement your light fuses with the Love in all of us, the same movement that sees you and us united together as we Love.
This is how I define myself inside you: a unique embrace of Love.
We all listen to that brother, in the Love that unites us we listen to that brother.
How does that brother listen to us?, the impression that one has inside their heart is always linked to the transmission of light that we send; if we are united in the heart every expression is welcomed and surrounded by light, and every understanding is the product of the words said, but even much more so of the light of our Love we sent. If a heart feels illuminated with Love, his feeling this way welcomes words, words of the mind that are uttered by affection.
You ask us the reason behind the experience of feeling words while the heart is illuminated with affection is so important.
I reply, because the heart that participates is a heart that is growing, as it listens it uses this for itself when it participates itself to the transmission of Love; with affection it makes contact with the words and at that moment it is participating to the exchange, looking at itself in the Love and it reaches growth in this contact as it confronts itself with being able to be itself that ideal Love that it wants to achieve for itself.
Just like understanding opens up the heart to illuminate it, so that heart matures understanding for itself, and thus illuminated it will produce change and growth.
Millions of words said do not help obtain change if the heart does not participate itself, when it is illuminated with Love, sometimes words are not even necessary, it’s when you feel illuminated that the experience promotes change.
I am explaining this to you, to all of you who have matured change in contact with our Love. Were these words not necessary to change, or did the change inside you not happen precisely from the constant contact with our Love we send you?
With the Love, you recognize it, that smile in front of my eyes tells me that right now your heart feels illuminated by my Love and this for your brother is joy because you recognized in yourselves the effect a heart has when it feels illuminated, and my Love is upon you my loved brother, my loved sister.
And on the subject, if you reflect on this precise moment you are living, you have already noticed what is necessary to help: your Love always transmitted.
I am embracing you in my heart, I am inside you, united in the moment you love.
With Love,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message Dictated 22nd May 2008
Heaven and Earth United in the Heart United together as we Love
Heaven and Earth United in the Heart
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