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Example of Love Effort of Help Passion

Example of Love Effort of Help Passion Donating Yourselves to Communicate Love
Example of Love Effort of Help Passion : my loved brothers and sisters, I am with you with all my Love, united in the hearts with this Love. I feel so much passion in my heart as I share these words with you, I feel so much passion in my heart when, united with you, I share these words with you, I feel so much passion in my heart when, united with you, I listen to you as you read this, and I feel so much sweet passion in my heart for all of your hearts when, as I observe you, I notice the example that is bringing change inside you, every message I bring is an example of Love, of how much I am donating to each one of my brothers, for you in the sweet words dictated, and for all in my continuous effort of help.
Every word is a sign of my Love and even a comma separating the words is not only a sweet sign of a dictation, but it is a pause that my heart is taking in the intent to give you all of my Love, this is passion, mobilizing the heart with the intent of donating it, Love that comes out of it is in front of you and it talks to you of my passion, of everything I feel right in front of you.
So, passion is expressed as donating yourselves to communicate Love.
This is my daily life for you, for all my brothers who are living their lives pursuing the dream of being able to Be Love, just like they are when they are in our Sky.
In the Sky everything is done by passion, in the Sky donating ourselves is a constant choice, this is the sweet past of each one of your hearts and if they are happy now is because sometimes your materialism gives them this happiness, even if in reality it’s actually the affection that you are living right at that moment that is giving you happiness; here in our Sky you all have known happiness in giving yourselves, in the passion of your heart as you give yourselves in the act of Love.
Being on earth, in the eyes is the temporariness of your passage, it places conditions, you are always inside the heart that we know, but this temporariness is juxtaposed to the eternity lived in the Sky, from the eyes it pushes you all too often to consider your experience as more limiting than the actual reality of the heart.
All our messages talk to you of the moment on earth like a moment when a Soul has chosen to freely experiment itself in its Being Love far away from the Sky; this experience you have chosen to live is an extremely important moment, it’s the moment where, in complete freedom of your heart you express the progress you matured during your stay in the Sky, the progress of the heart, you also learned through the experience of donating yourselves, and in this freedom that you live now you are experimenting your heart and this is every day; this experimenting yourselves, this passion you express, in a difficult contest such as life on planet earth, it’s a moment of your immortality all the same, an extremely important moment.
As you donate yourselves in the passion, you manage to understand that it’s the heart that is gaining experience, and by activating the Love you are gaining experience of the heart, the heart that all along has known the truth, the heart that knows it is a container of its own immortality within Love, that sense of life, of the real life that is inside the heart in the passion, in donating itself, in living the Love, it sends all of you that sense of continuity of the Love that belongs to a heart that recognizes itself in its own immortality.
If over the course of time, our messages we dictated brought to you the truth of the Sky and have given you knowledge and Love, they have also brought you the passion that is guiding you, that great Love that you have known even before you knew each other on earth, this passion is guiding you to the inside of your experience on earth to be able to fully pick up in a complete matter the opportunity of what you are living, it is represented for all of you in the heart; this evolution that you are living inside each day on earth places the heart at the center of the experience, sweet Souls experimenting themselves and evolving to shine even more on earth.
Being yourselves, free, and Being Love, is the goal that is sought after by every sweet Soul that chooses freely to descend on earth; just like at this time the passion of your brother Jesus is guiding you, your Soul would like to experiment your own passion, and right now as I look at your hearts, the activation of your hearts in your own possibility to being yourselves in the passion is very intense.
You feel a push to donate yourselves, it’s your heart that is speaking right now, the heart that knows why you are here, your experimenting, your Being Love is the great motive.
Let the passion guide you, the Love that is in you, as you donate to yourselves an experience of you and of your passion, think of life, from your heart.
I embrace you with infinite Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Example of Love Effort of Help Passion Donating Yourselves to Communicate Love
Example of Love Effort of Help Passion
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