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Attitudes of the heart Understanding

Attitudes of the heart Understanding Activating your Love Listening Internal Eyes
Attitudes of the heart Understanding : brothers, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, here I am among all of you, to talk to you again about the heart inside you, all of a sudden a certain situation, a sweet brother who asks for your help, that brother communicates from his heart a pain he feels for this situation that he lives with profound discomfort, his heart is talking to you, telling you what it is experimenting and what it is basically not understanding, emotions ebb and flow inside him, he does not know, he does not feel with any clarity anything but the great pain he is living; in front of him is you, and as you listen you are activating your Love; by listening to the pain inside the heart of your brother you are activating your Love, you want to understand that situation, by looking with your eyes and by listening from inside your heart to this experience, the emotions he is talking about, this exchange, they allow you to feel as if that brothers lives inside your heart.
The activated Love allows you to feel all this, you are heart too, and certain emotions were inside you also during your life, understanding is an attitude of the heart that recognizes itself in those emotions, activating Love in front of a request of help is an attitude of the heart, feeling yourselves like the other person in that specific experience is an attitude of the heart, seeking understanding is equally an attitude of the heart.
This is Love, when there is a need for help, consulting your heart activates all these attitudes of the heart.
When a heart opens up and listens to this Love inside you, it attracts Love for help, this contact that lights you inside you attracts the Strength of Love which we all represent and here the transmission toward you of certain emotions to guide you in your understanding and Love sends you sweet words to guide you in your listening; the stronger is the listening inside you, the further-reaching your understanding becomes and certain details will become evident to your eyes and they take on a more intense voice, during those moments we are together, our Love united, a united Love listening to that brother.
And this is how inside you knowledge and understanding begin to take shape, and experimenting all these emotions inside you gradually allows your internal eyes to be in that emotion and to understand that situation from the emotions you feel and this too is an attitude of your heart, seeing the emotion with your internal eyes.
It’s time to speak up, when the heart is happy at having reached this understanding, communication becomes possible but it also lights up renewed Love, making a heart understand what this process created, it needs words to express those emotions, that understanding, the experience that went through your heart in the sweet contact with the Strength of Love, and as you think about this, you are activating yet another attitude of the heart, that of being always in contact with a heart; your words are directed more to the heart than to the understanding of the mind; the help must reach the heart, the contact with the emotion of being heard in order to be heard as a reply of Love to a request of help from their own Love.
This attitude to seek for the right words inside the affection is always from your heart, seeking you find the emotions that the heart could feel inside in your communicating words, and these emotions open up in you the question about these emotions, if they are appropriate or if it’s better, by changing the words, to allow that heart to feel inside it other emotions.
You see?, everything takes place inside your heart, all this lit up in the Love that is inside you and everything speaks to the other person of what you are.
When I told you that we send Love, this is what I was talking about, how many times did you live all this inside your heart?, of course, reading these lines makes it more evident even to you, but it’s always been this that moved inside you at the time not only of a request for help of a heart, but also every time the Love of a heart expressed itself in front of you, today you have a deeper understanding of it, but listening to yourselves in this flow of Love inside your heart gives you so much more freedom to Be Love; in your hearts you have the assuredness of understanding, in your activation of your Love you have the confidence of our intervention right next to you in your life on earth and in all experiences of your life in the Sky.
If I talked to you about Love today, is because you are always Love.
With all of my Love, since forever
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 15th May 2008
Attitudes of the heart Understanding Activating your Love Listening Internal Eyes
Attitudes of the heart Understanding
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