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Emotions Reactions in your heart Halting

Emotions Reactions in your heart Halting any Reaction Love conquered Evolution
Emotions Reactions in your heart Halting : my sweet and loved brothers and sweet and loved sisters, I am with you today, with my heart to talk to you, with my heart to tell you that we are together in our hearts, this contact is in the Spirit, the heart of all of you and the hearts of all of us; we have been talking together for a long time, I have in your hearts a growing attention for those emotions that speak to you, translated into a word of Love, they are emotions that speak from your heart and express the Love inside you, your brothers unlock so many emotions in you, inside you there are reactions to their gestures, to their words, to their actions there are reactions in your heart, so many reactions of Love, so many reactions of discomfort when you don’t see your Love being expressed, all this is contained inside your heart and while you feel joy at the manifestation of a heart that loves you, you feel the strength of your Love conquered putting distance from the manifestations that do not talk to you of Love, to reflect and ask yourselves about how to intervene to place once again Love into that heart and also inside you.
The messages dictated taught you to hold off reacting in front of certain communications; if reaction means going against it, you have found suspension, it’s better to seek the meeting if possible, and this is also a sign of the Love you conquered inside your heart.
The conquered Love is guiding you, and in the heart, embracing Love, you have discovered the biggest suffering in the world, the lack of manifestation of Love among many, numerous brothers, halting any reaction is in itself a manifestation of Love, it’s freeing the contact from the potential manifestation of non-Love and in this suspension, as you question yourselves you are placing the possibility to be a heart into relationship, your behavior will demonstrate possibility to that heart and if the solution is to be a heart, then activate your Love in your search, and the solution to this search will send the Love found and the Love activated to make that relationship possible once again.
When you consult your heart you are activating just this, the Love you conquered inside you.
Many of you believe that the contact with the heart is only the contact with yourselves, but the Love you have kept inside you is much greater than yourselves; we are all made of Love and we all feel the effects inside our hearts of our individual choices we made, your world is evolution, our world is evolution with you, there is constant interaction among brothers that do not belong to a specific world, we are all brothers and between us there is constant interaction and every brother participates to this interaction moment after moment.
And so, in that moment where you believe you are closed up the entire world of your brothers is actually participating and participating is not just witnessing but also helping with our energy to make it possible to your individual eyes to reach Love.
I wonder how many times you were surprised when you consulted your heart in finding a solution like a nudge of Love that from your heart ended up illuminating the entire world, how knows how many times a thought has crossed your mind and was picked up as a possibility, who knows how many times Love returned to your heart just by deciding to reflect about utilizing your Love.
These experiences are yours, with everything represented by all of us and this reflection is to make conscious what the heart lives in the contact with Love.
Are you always alone?, when in contact, you never are, the Love inside you joins the great Love of which you are all part and the Love that replies to you is often the result of the interaction between us, being conscious of all this during your reflection leads you to think of yourselves in your Being Love as a part of a whole that is evolution, being Love is constant interaction with the whole that is Love, constant interaction among the hearts of your brothers, this is our reality.
The Whole is constant evolution of the affirmation of Love.
From separated to united
From one to all
From selfishness to Being Love
From body to manifestation
From being to Being a heart
The evolution takes place on these tracks, and everyone participates and it must say that we all participate, all brothers united in one chorus
Always with you, with a smile I tell you, always with you
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 12th May 2008
Emotions Reactions in your heart Halting any Reaction Love conquered Evolution
Emotions Reactions in your heart Halting
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