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Experience on listening to the Heart Feeling

Experience on listening to the Heart Feeling Manifestation of the Heart Love for you
Experience on listening to the Heart Feeling : my loved and precious brothers and my loved and precious sisters, I am on my way, with Love I am coming to you, you are about to meet me, I am coming to you in the name of Love; as I have always done in the past, I have always answered to a request of Love with these words “I am coming for you, Love”; in the past it was my physical body that would reach you, it was communication that was audible words, every gesture from the heart was a manifestation including the feelings I expressed with my body.
This is my past and this is my present in the manifestation of my Spirit, these words contain all of my Love in themselves, inside the words; even a gesture from me is expressed in words and my own feeling is expressed in words, words that your heart can feel coming from me, as if my own body was talking to them; this is my Spirit that speaks to you, this is my Love that speaks to you, now, in this precise moment.
“I am on my way, Love, I am coming for you”.
Love does not make it impossible to love one another and talk to one another, an open heart can always feel Love, send words, an open heart can notice that it’s his own actual heart that is feeling, and again an open heart can distinguish between his thoughts and what Love sends to him.
Ever so often the Love between you has the thought, the mind hears the words, the feeling that these words send at heart level always goes in the background, the act of feeling inside the heart is often unheeded, but it’s where you can feel the manifestation of that heart.
Many of you listen to words, but instead of discovering richness in their own hearts, they feel the emptiness, the lack, and instead of asking themselves the reason for it by listening to the words of that heart, they believe they are wrong.
Right now you are asking yourselves, through the words I dictate you listen to me, at heart level you are listening how my help and my Love can help you, and your asking yourselves means that you are hearing through your heart, recognizing Love for yourself; this is the type of listening that can help you, if you lose your body and you listen to yourselves as heart, you will feel in the message that a heart it approaching you if there is Love, Love for you, and this allows you to turn to yourselves with a real awareness of what has been transmitted to you.
This is listening from the heart.
That feeling, that gesture, that movement, communicating with the body speaks of the feeling lived from that heart, and the feeling is collected by the heart that is replying, in the feeling inside you, as a recognition of the Love received by you and it’s from this that the feeling always originates, always in the feeling, of the quantity of Love for you; this feeling brings you an impression of fullness or lack or sometimes of emptiness; this is what always happens inside you toward each contact; the Spirit continuously questions itself about Love; this is listening to the heart, your Spirit questioning itself.
This is listening to the heart, what you are experimenting right now in front of me, to the words that I am dictating for you.
Can Love remain unheard?, at heart level I will tell you no, inside you this heart always asks itself about the Love that it receives, and this feeling Love fills you with emotions, think about me for a moment, the words you hear are not uttered to you with my voice, it is not my body that is sending you my message, you are reading words but in the words you feel the emotions and often your heart registers this very feeling, inside you this is the feeling expressed; are you in agreement that my words transmit a feeling?, it’s because this feeling inside your heart is registered and it is guiding you into listening some more; it’s all right now; you listen to me from your heart; now it will be much easier to listen to your brothers if this discovery will guide your listening.
I have come to talk to you for Love, and we shared Love in our hearts among us, and now that you have gained experience on listening to your heart, always place feelings into the words you will pronounce so your message from the heart will speak of you and listening will come from your heart.
With all the Love that I have in the heart for you, I embrace you,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 8th May 2008
Experience on listening to the Heart Feeling Manifestation of the Heart Love for you
Experience on listening to the Heart Feeling
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