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Silence in the heart perception of the Spirit

Silence in the heart The perception of the Spirit Being a Divine Spark of Love
Silence in the heart perception of the Spirit : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, what does today’s title “Silence in the heart” mean?, I will begin to explain; I know, you are on earth, all around you is experience, inside you is experience of Love, around you there are other brothers who are living their own experience of Love; just like all brothers on earth today you decided to take this experience, each one of you voluntarily chose a path for yourselves, a path that chose for your heart to be an expression of your matured Love in the many situations; this is what your heart chose, being itself in the Love that it conquered from the many teachings from our Sky; the Sky is an endless school of Love, helping brothers incarnated on earth, you gain experience of the heart, of what a heart can feel in the absence of perception of the Spirit.
Over time from our Sky you have helped countless hearts, and you learned that the presence of Love among brothers is mediated by the presence of the same Love expressed by the incarnated brothers.
Through meeting the Love of the incarnated brothers, every heart gains experience inside itself of its own Love, of its feeling, and the divine spark is recognized, the Love that the Father donated to us, exactly in the contact with the expression of Love of an incarnated brother; every journey of recognition of the divine spark present inside the heart has as a condition this recognition in the meeting with the expression of Love of its own spark, inside the heart of a brother.
This experience is what you carry inside you when your Love chooses to experiment itself during the experience on earth.
In the condition you therefore choose where to bring your testimonial of your heart, of the Love you recognized in its divine role inside you.
You are born and everything begins, life, situations, contacts between the many hearts and you, and your project, this is life for you in the world. In every condition you are a witness of the divine spark inside you, this is the project, your being a witness.
Life is rich with opportunities, opportunities to be a witness; life among brothers is an endless opportunity for your being a witness.
However the time of growth does influence all of you, your distance from us, from the constant experience inside the Spirit, the constant experience of how a hart feels while it is far away from the manifestation of the Spirit, it places silence inside the hearts and while you seek manifestation of the Spirit, you are met with silence in the heart, other brothers like you do not find manifestation of the Spirit, whatever happened to the divine spark?, look around you and you do not see manifestations in the news, in the newspapers, what did happen to the divine spark of the hearts?
Then suddenly you meet a heart that does remember being Love, and quickly the Love inside you lights, the joy, the happiness at finding a heart that reminds you too of being a divine spark of Love and now that you found the very same spark inside your heart, your project of being a witness can finally begin.
Of course, it’s not easy, you are far away from the Sky too, and this loneliness in the perception of the Spirit sometimes makes it complicated to be a heart among brothers; please understand first of all that the individual rediscovery of being a divine spark allowed you to rediscover yourselves as Love on earth, just like you are Love in the Sky, you are the same people, your heart today on earth was actually in the Sky earlier on; careful, being creatures of the earth means simply that your Spirit is currently inside a body, but your experience is always inside your Spirit.
Embrace the Spirit as your true identity, the body gives you the impression of existing, but it’s the Spirit that moves it, it’s the Spirit that lives the experience, breathing oxygen is an automatism of the body, but living life is an experience of the Spirit.
Are you embracing a body, or are you embracing a Spirit?, are you Loving a body, or is it a Spirit that you are loving through your gestures?, when you meet many people, are you meeting the bodies, or are you meeting the Spirit?, this is the fantastic experience that your body allows you, in the materialism, meeting the Spirit, turning to Spirit, sharing with Spirit, seeing a body being born in the Spirit.
And as you embrace this truth, life’s contours change, the life of the Spirit inside a physical body, and as a heart you begin to reach out for others, and as you do that, you bring the manifestation of the Spirit, of your being a divine spark of Love.
The answer of a heart that in turns feels itself inside, and it begins its passage from silence to being himself a witness of the Love inside him, this passage includes more and more the experience of Love inside himself as a Spirit.
Even the car that runs fast has inside a Spirit, even those who inflict pain have inside the Spirit, even those who torture have their Spirit inside, even those who use violence or spread death have the Spirit inside, they have the Spirit inside them in silence.
This message is for you who carry Love, in silence you carry your Love.
With you, let’s erase this silence.
With infinite Love my brothers,
Your Jesus Christ
Message dictated 05th May 2008
Silence in the heart The perception of the Spirit Being a Divine Spark of Love
Silence in the heart perception of the Spirit

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