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Couple Experience of Love on Earth Desires

Couple Experience of Love on Earth Desires Knowledge Rediscovery
Couple Experience of Love on Earth Desires : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, so, let’s look at the experience of Love on earth; a couple is born from the meeting of two hearts that feel affection;this is the first important message, inside the heart there is a great desire to express yourselves in the Love; if, during the meeting, these hearts feel the desire to take care of one another, this will turn into a couple; and this is the second important message, the heart, being itself, desires to donate an experience of Love to the other person.
The couple unites and while the heart lives an experience of itself, it begins to get to know the other heart.
And this is the third important message, the heart, being itself, also defines itself, it gets to know itself in the areas in common or in the areas of difference in the contact with the other heart, knowledge of itself is therefore within the experience of Love.
The relationship begins, how will it continue? this is the question mark; inside the heart its own rediscovery makes it possible to notice the feeling that is being experienced; this Love that ties one to another is the Love that over time will be able to evolve and it is a choice of the heart to give itself freedom in its own expression.
And this is the fourth important message: it’s the individual heart that chooses for itself freedom within its own expression; if we think of Love, of the complete expression of Love, we will discover that that is precisely freedom of the heart allowing itself to be itself, allowing a constant experience of Love, therefore freedom of the heart is allowing yourselves an experience of Love.
The couple commits to expressing themselves to one another during the time of Love.
This is the fifth precious message, the effort to love one another to the heart means conceiving this experience as an opportunity to experiment yourselves over time in all conditions that time will present to you; the heart will face the meeting of the two hearts in all conditions, in joy and in pain, in being creators of children, in taking always care of the body and of the Soul of those creatures, in always being an example in the expression of your own hearts.
And life proceeds for those hearts, time creates a bond, opportunities will arrive in time, and the hearts through some opportunities will express themselves in the constant freedom given to your own feeling to express itself, to define yourselves and your brothers the level of Love conquered and always expressed in the freedom.
This is the sixth important message, it’s only the experiences carried out in the freedom of your own heart to express itself that bring growing possibility of expression to an increased level of Love; the more you Love the more you are aware of the infinite Love that is present in every Spirit and this access is determined from the experiences of Love you allowed to yourselves.
This evolution has stemmed from the desire of a heart to be able to express itself completely in its own Being Love, for that reason it sought out other hearts, for that reason it sought out the meeting, for that reason it created a bond, for that reason it committed itself.
Life begins with you, from the desire of the heart to know itself in the expression of its own Being Love, therefore do seek experiences to live yourselves, seek among the brothers experiences to live yourselves, seek bonds as experiences to live yourselves, seek the commitment as an experience to live yourselves.
Life is experience of yourselves as Love.
And while you reflect on the words that I communicated today, think of the promise that you made with the Father, asking for life on earth; your desire to experiment yourselves in the Love far away from Him.
And while I hug you, I remind you that next to Him you are shining, the same shine that is inside your hearts right now, the joy of knowing this will be in the freedom that you will give your heart of expressing yourselves in the Love.
With all of my infinite Love for you
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 19th June 2008
Couple Experience of Love on Earth Desires Knowledge Rediscovery
Couple Experience of Love on Earth Desires
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