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Life moments Experience of the Moment

Life moments Experience of the Moment In the Heart it is all Experience
Life moments Experience of the Moment : my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, moments, life is a series of moments, unfortunately in the heart there are not only moments of joy, but also of pain, of sadness in the heart, of worry in the heart, of torment in the heart and when a person returns to our Home, moments in which the void fills the entire heart; life proceeds between moments of joy, of experience of the moment, in the heart feeling the emotion of those moments.
You see my brothers, irrespective of who or what caused these moments in life, in the heart it is all experience, experience of how Love can be in a situation, in every experience your Love is always with you, experimenting, in being itself your Love faces it, the voice of your Love guides you, from the heart your feelings guide you, from the heart, your Love.
Moments of experience in which your heart guides.
How many brothers are experimenting suffering in this moment on life, in the heart the voice of the Love that suggests “take me, place me in your life right now anyway, life brought you physical suffering, in the body, or in the Spirit, but you take me and let’s love also in this situation, and even your body will live a sensation of joy for those brothers who, once loved, will smile; take me; take your heart and let’s surround even this moment with affection and in front of the eyes you will have sweet smiles that the heart will warm up; and even in the pain take me and help with Love, you will see slowly slowly a discovery that the pain will be more tolerable because the Love lived fills out the pain”.
This is what the heart transmits to itself in the many moment of life, when situations, and there are many of them on earth, the heart could go unheard.
There are many brothers who tend to run away from situations, many who only wish to free themselves quickly from problems, countless of them who face exclusively with their mind the many situations, but the Love being heard is a guide, it’s an experience of the heart, even in these certain situations, it’s Love that guides you in the best of ways, my brothers, even an experience of great pain can be transformed for itself and for many, by the experience of your own Love.
Brothers, look, the people whom you think are the best, are only examples of how they have transformed their pain in the heart by listening to their Love, even in these situations; they loved in the pain thus discovering in themselves this guide and as they listened they transformed that moment of their own terrestrial experience for their hearts.
Love can transform, Love can transform the experience of a heart, Love can transform the experience lived of yourselves in the heart, it’s this experience that in the hardest moments is the message of your heart: transforming by giving Love.
This is also for us who, looking to you, lose the joy in many situations, we ourselves turn to Love and we flood your earth with Love sustaining every single heart in their journeys, so we also transform the pain in this splendid Home of our Father, we turn to Love and send Love to you.
This Love that explodes with joy in my heart in the countless moments of happiness is the same Love that I shine for you, to help you through the difficult moments of your experience.
Always, with all my heart
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 23rd June 2008
Life moments Experience of the Moment In the Heart it is all Experience
Life moments Experience of the Moment
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