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Love of the Sky The Source of Love

Love of the Sky The Source of Love The Foundation of Faith
Love of the Sky The Source of Love : my sweet and Loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, let’s talk of Love, the Love of the Sky, we come to you with these words we send, the contact for many of you with the source of Love and in very message we speak for you, to help you understand us, to help you understand that only Love reigns among us; feeling forever a heart belongs to the Spirit and we turn our hearts to you so that your Spirit may recognize in itself as the same sweet heart; the body that you have on earth is merely the container for the Spirit of Love that you are, I know it’s difficult to perceive it, but it’s through every contact of Love that the Spirit sweetly turns to you in its manifestation, it’s the Spirit that animates you, the Love inside you animates you, and our Spirit is the same Spirit of Love that is present in you.
When the Soul manifests your heart you feel an emotion, happiness, success, sweet Love, and in this feeling you recognized in the heart its source, you are that heart that beats, that feels these emotions, you are the ones feeling it, you are the ones that exist as a heart; the emotion speaks to you of all the affection that you are living, it speaks to you of your being Spirit of Love.
You should remember those sweet moments felt by your being a heart, your being Love.
Our existence is always in being a heart, this is our reality, always being a heart, our reality is in the Spirit.
Brothers, Love resides in the Spirit, being Spirit is the constant manifestation of Love.
It’s this Love that we send to you at all times, in every instant of our Being Love we send you Love.
If in life there are many obstacles to seeking the source of Love in the Faith, it’s only because you first do not recognize that you yourselves are Spirit.
Your Spirit speaks to you constantly, the sweet Love that manifests itself in you and that speaks of you as a heart, is nothing but your Spirit that, even in the difficulties in life, speaks to all of you about what you really are; every smile is born from your Spirit, a compliment comes from your Spirit, tenderness, protection, sweetness, contentment, realization, joy, it comes from your being a heart, it comes from your Being Spirit.
There are many occasions to notice these feelings inside you, noticing these manifestations means to experiment your Being Spirit.
You see, we experiment these emotions all the time, and we give you our Spirit entirely, in pain like in the joy, inside us the Spirit is always recognized, we are a heart at all times, a heart that cries, sometimes, happy some other times, but always a heart, this recognition brings us to conceive ourselves in the truth of the Spirit, it’s always the Spirit that collects every question you have and it answers by giving you its own Love in the Spirit.
For us the heart is the only channel of contact, and our Love is always directed at your heart, at your Spirit.
Understanding those doubts can melt them away, understand that your reality is in the Being a Spirit and the contact comes when your Spirit turns to our Spirit, and our manifestation toward all of you is our answering to you with Love, this is the foundation of Faith.
A heart, a Love, a Spirit always in contact with the Spirit of Love is the first principle of Faith.
In itself is recognition, in the Love is the recognition of the source.
And before I conclude this message let’s treasure the emotions that you feel in the heart, they are manifestations of your Being Spirit.
This Love that accompanies you is always manifestation of the Spirit; in our heart there is only Love for you
With all of my heart
For you, your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 26th June 2008
Love of the Sky The Source of Love The Foundation of Faith
Love of the Sky The Source of Love
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