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Life of the Heart Contact with the Spirit

Life of the Heart Contact with the Spirit Meeting and Bounds
Life of the Heart Contact with the Spirit : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, what makes your life is the life of the heart, an example of life is your heart, you lead your existence by gaining experience among yourselves, every instant of your lives is a meeting, a meeting among incarnated Spirits, every instant your heart is always in contact with the other heart, in contact with the Spirit.
Every instant your Spirit sends you the contact, the emotions that manifest in yourselves speak of your heart in what it feels in the contact, every meeting is a source of deep knowledge of yourselves and of the other person, what you feel spontaneously is the result of the meeting among two hearts.
In the meeting through the knowledge of what the hearts feel, now comes the possibility of bonds, in the heart you feel a desire to walk together with the other heart through a specific experience, and this is how the bond is created; we define a bond as the mutual desire of hearts to share an experience, just like this desire is born from inside the heart, again in the heart is where the experience of communicating through a gesture, a word, a behavior, all of the desire that comes from the other person to share the experience, the desire is exactly what brought the bond to feed the desire for a contact among your hearts.
Life is constant experience, in the heart your desire pushes you to seek a contact, to create a bond, to be toward others, in a word, your affection and this desire is present inside each heart.
You seek to establish sweet relationships with others and you mature experience with each single rapport, the desire is in you and the desire is identical in every heart, the desire is the manifestation of the Love inside you, the same desire is manifestation of the Love in every heart, the meeting is therefore an opportunity for a contact between your Love and the Love of the other.
And this desire that Love manifests leads back to you, it’s your desire, it’s your manifestation in the desire expressed by the Love inside you; the Love manifests through you and every contact is a possibility to experiment inside you the manifestation of your Love, and in the listening you experience a manifestation of you to the other Love; it is necessary to be a manifestation to know yourselves and to know, it’s necessary for your Love to be able to express itself in order to be recognized inside you for what you truly are, a Spirit of Love that lives a desire for contact, the desire to be in the relationship, the desire to experiment itself in the experience.
In every situation, reflect, do you not think that the desire for a bond is necessary to you to be yourselves, to discover your true selves, and to conquer possibility of being more and more yourselves?
All of this comes from Love, from the Love that has always been inside you, from the Love that is recognized inside you, and from the Love that you will discover inside you through your experiences.
This is the experience on earth, in the desire, in the contact, in the bond, you recognize the experience gradually, in its expression is all of the Love that is inside you.
Being aware of the meeting, as you make contact with your heart in the desire to establish a bond, can bring experience from the first instant of the Love inside you.
Being guided from this sweet awareness brings you to understand that every moment is an opportunity for your Love to be yourselves, it’s the opportunity for your Love to manifest itself to you, it’s the opportunity for your Love to be heart.
This is earth, endless opportunities, endless situations, endless occasions.
This is life, endless occasion in every situation to be yourselves, a heart that brings a desire in contact with hearts that bring the same desire.
We turn these words of Love to you, the experience for a heart is endless, while you are on earth, while you are in the Sky, it’s a research of yourselves, of what the Father donated you, it’s the ultimate meaning of every heart to experiment itself completely and this complete expression can only come through the endless experimentation of your heart; the experience is so important especially because it’s through this that we rediscover the Love inside us, the Love donated by the Father, being his children, being like Him.
I embrace you, with Love I embrace you
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 1st July 2008
Life of the Heart Contact with the Spirit Meeting and Bounds
Life of the Heart Contact with the Spirit
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