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Life Inside Body of Light Its Story

Life Inside Body of Light Its Story Movement Guided by Love
Life Inside Body of Light Its Stor : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, do you remember the story of the drop of immense Love that your Father placed inside you the moment he created you? it’s then that life began inside your beautiful body of light and from that moment on, there were emotions, many bright colors began expressing themselves from your heart, emotions, feeling expressed to you, your eyes, like swathes of light, like emotions.
The same emotions that you are experimenting now when you love are the first emotions that were felt inside you, Love, you touched Love in all of its purity, in all of its possibilities, in all of its expression, this experience is the first that you matured in the contact with that droplet of infinite Love that you carry inside your heart forever.
When your life began, Love guided you, in the meetings Love was the guiding force, when making contacts Love guided you, when you were among your brothers Love guided you, everything was movement guided by Love and the Father looked on to these droplets wandering about the Sky, animated by the emotion that with Love moved them.
Again back then, the Father was both a light of Love, a beacon of Love for all, at that time the Paradise was a chant of Love, at that time, as I think back on it now, I was looking at you both as you were on earth and as I saw you next to me here in the Sky, that droplet is the same and over time that droplet will rediscover itself completely, if today many experiences on earth can obscure that great beauty, and if in Paradise the memory of the mistakes you made during your lives on earth can obscure that same great beauty, when in my heart I look at you I see you just like the Father did as he put life inside you back then.
For this reason our effort is to help you on earth, effort for you, to allow you to be a transformation of earth with your Love and allowing you to be more brilliant than when you arrived on earth.
And our effort is to remind you that the sweet Love has always been inside you.
Being on earth is an extremely important moment, when Love guides you then you gain experience of yourselves, of your Love, and that’s when beautiful emotions arise inside you as you are Love, you slowly regain all of yourselves through your loving, and it’s always easier to feel inside your heart the desire to be more and more expression of your Love and over time, as you love, you regain in you every desire of a heart guided by Love.
Feeling the passion that Love sends you means to be in contact with your heart, a heart guided by Love only wants Love for others, and in this moment we can help you transform this earth so that it can be a source of Love for all, and a greater possibility to help your brothers to reply to the message of their own heart, by loving themselves, regaining themselves and loving others.
This is the journey that you are also making, my sweet brother and my sweet sister, a journey to regain all of your beauty, you are that droplet of Love that you are rediscovering, you are the Love that guides you and once again you are the one who, with your love, will rediscover opportunities to be yourself.
You are my message in the heart, the request to help you regain your life and to give meaning to this experience: meaning of Love.
As you read this message in my heart I can do nothing but be right next to you, and help you by donating you Love to allow you to be able to live yourself as Love.
As I am embraced to you my words about this topic end, let’s allow the Love we are feeling to talk about our hearts.
With infinite Love
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 03rd July 2008
Life Inside Body of Light Its Story Movement Guided by Love
Life Inside Body of Light Its Story
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