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Forgiveness Blindness of the Heart Forgiving

Forgiveness Blindness of the Heart Forgiving Unawareness Message
Forgiveness Blindness of the Heart Forgiving : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, the existence on earth knows many occasions in which a brother can turn to you and bring tension, bring problems, bring, sadly, behavior of selfishness and non-Love and these situations, even if isolated, bring your heart a great sadness and often this sadness turns into mistrust toward others as you prepare to meet others.
It’s useful to remind your brothers that our presence, which the eyes of your body can not discern, sends you a message of non-existence and this is the foundation for many and many mistakes made by your brothers.
If today you are here to listen to me it’s because your slowly perceive our presence more and more intensely, through your heart, your heart sees us, the eyes are like the blind, but you know that our Love is all toward you.
And if you listen to me it’s because you have overcome appearances by making your heart listen.
Just like you, many brothers have sought me and found me. It’s your research of your hearts that allowed you to very slowly gain awareness of your Love and of the importance of your Love to guide you.
All brothers just like you over time will make the same steps as you, but as of today many of you still lead their existences in complete blindness of the heart, this is the message of the heart that goes unheeded, and this brings an experience of pain and great sadness inside you.
Reminding you that awareness is the result of a heart that listens to itself allows you to accept and to place borders around that brother, thus isolating that experience, and allowing your heart to lead your life as openly as possible.
These borders have a name, forgiveness.
Forgiving unawareness is a need that all of your hearts have, understanding in order to forgive is a great need for every heart, building borders, defining the limits of an experience is a great need of the heart, to give itself freedom to love.
Just like understanding is necessary to you, to you who are proceeding on this journey of Love for the countless mistakes that your own unawareness brought you to make toward others, forgiving yourselves is a necessity of the heart to be able to be Love.
Understanding the reason for your mistakes is a great need of your heart in order to shine once again, understanding that your unawareness was a major factor in this, and accepting and understanding that today you are finally seeing the truth is a great need of your heart.
If anything, a mistake allows you to understand that wandering aimlessly on earth is a recipe for mistakes; mistakes within unawareness, for everybody, mistakes come from unawareness.
What is the right forgiveness? accepting that unawareness is everybody’s journey, but it’s also the road that slowly slowly brings people to question themselves, to seek something, to slowly see and to proceed every closer to awareness, this is everybody’s journey in the heart, slowly proceed toward the light, and once you find it, your awareness becomes blinding, and at this moment going back to your own mistakes during your unawareness and forgiving yourselves, is progress in the emotions and in the listening of the truth.
Often your hearts receive a message from the mind: atonement.
Can unawareness be compensated by atonement? think with your heart, what I don’t know brought me to make mistakes; my research brought me to knowledge; from knowledge I see my life and I notice that my past mistakes were only because I did not know; in front of my gaze, in front of me the look made more mature by experience; in my awareness there will no longer be mistakes, only further knowledge and forgiving myself is without doubt the best way to open myself up to new knowledge.
This is the right forgiveness, thought out with the heart.
May you be happy you discovered the reference point inside you, it was your heart to lead you on this path; may you be happy to place your heart as your guide, and may you be happy with yourselves and with the great progress you made in full awareness.
With all the happiness of my heart toward your journeys, I embrace you and I kiss you
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 7th July 2008
Forgiveness Blindness of the Heart Forgiving Unawareness Message
Forgiveness Blindness of the Heart Forgiving
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