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Unawareness The Source of the Mistake

Unawareness The Source of the Mistake Mind and Heart Guidance
Unawareness The Source of the Mistake : my loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, with all of my heart I am with you, to continue to explain the reason why brothers on earth make mistakes, in our last message I explained the source of the mistake as unawareness, this source is not inside the heart, but it’s in the mind, in the heart Love shines, and the heart is the home of memories also of this Sky; Love knows its source of Love, it knows everything.
The mind is built to guide you through your experiences, and it is in itself a keeper of memories, memories of this life, memories of the past that become guidance in the present; life, the experience, they produce guidance, if for the mind the objective reality is the source, in the perception of the body, in what you see, in what you touch, in this is the experience, the data of the experience, for the heart this is what the feeling is, in what you feel, in what you perceive in your emotions, the source of the data of the experience; a stick can cause pain, but an emotion of injustice, of humiliation, of suffering of the heart while having inconsistencies at material level is an experience of you inside the heart.
Emotions are not always welcomed as a heart that talks while referring to Love, but it’s the Love that sends a feeling from the heart on what is Love and also on what is not Love, many brothers welcome the feeling as a result of what the event has been, much fewer are the brothers who pick up as a consequence of the expression of the Love that is inside them.
The source is in us, Love is the reference point.
The love inside you is the reference point for every event that manifests on earth, reference is the unlimited love that is inside us. I know that I am experimenting an emotion with regard to a point that is inside me, Love.
And if today on earth I feel a lot of pain as I look around me, today the emotion I am feeling is the fruit of the Love that is inside me and that guides me to understand if what I see being expressed it is Love or not, as I feel the Love inside me guide me, if I thought rationally I would say that this experience is not coming from my heart, it’s not a specific experience that I am living, but if I listen to my heart with this experience I am living, it’s because the feeling of pain I am feeling is the consequence of the Love that is inside me, and that is leading me to evaluate these events as the fruit of Love or not.
The experience I am living makes me make contact with the Love that is inside me, a reference point inside me, this is what Love is.
The same experience is when I look around and I witness a gesture of Love, all that joy I am feeling, even though it was not my own experience of exchanging affection, it produces joy inside my heart anyway, it’s my reference point, the Love that recognized the manifestation of Love that communicates to me “it’s Love”, and the joy is the feeling expressed in the Love recognized.
And on the subject of reference, I can feel an emotion without touching, without seeing, without any communication from my body’s sense, just like now, the beautiful moment that we are living among us, I dictate some words but this is my feeling, which you are evaluating inside you, by taking your Love as there reference point.
You listen to me, you hear me talk, but in reality you are listening to my feeling, you are feeling with your Love just like I am talking to you with it, with which feeling am I talking to you, is it Love, or the opposite, you are evaluating, and the emotion you are feeling right now is in reference to the Love that is inside you.
And now that you are listening to me, your reference is actively sensing, my brother Jesus who talks in my aid so that I can recognize that the emotion I am feeling derives from the Love inside me, from the reference inside me, the Love I have been carrying with me ever since, Love is the reference that placed the Father in me and in his words I pick up all of his Love because my reference point is the Love inside me, my heart is therefore my reference point, the reference point is inside me.
I embrace you with all of my Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message Dictated 10th July 2008
Unawareness The Source of the Mistake Mind and Heart Guidance
Unawareness The Source of the Mistake
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