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Wanting The Peace in The Heart

Wanting The Peace in The Heart Understanding And Awareness
Wanting The Peace in The Heart : my dear and sweet brothers and my dear and sweet sisters, respect has Love as its source, the more a heart has made contact with the Love inside it, the more respect it will express; sweet hearts no longer have any feelings when overcome by events, certain situations that overcome the mind render the heart unheeded; some brothers attack and provoke a reaction and there is silence when listening to the heart at that moment; the same unhappiness overcomes the affection.
These are some of the moments when there is silence when listening to the heart, even a heart that listens to itself can not help but manifest respect.
This awareness of being Love can make room to reactions that speak of non-love. Your awareness loses ground in the act of listening to what is in the mind as opposed to inside the heart. In the mind there is judgment, pride and defensiveness, idea of itself juxtaposed to the other, separation from the other, and placing Love is at times deemed impossible. So, judging with your thought you have no choice but to attack or react or imposing yourself or severing the contact. And while the mind thinks about how to behave, there is silence when listening to the heart. And then comes the behavior, and then comes listening to the heart.
At that precise moment as you listen to Love again you notice inside you the deep bitterness that you feel. Having placed distances among yourselves, not having listened to your Love, having expressed non Love through your behavior or your gestures, all this filled your heart with bitterness toward yourselves. You understand yourselves, you justify yourselves, and yet that bitterness is still there. This expression of yourselves is inside your heart.
Wanting the peace, my brothers, must illuminate you during a moment of conflict. What is in this bitterness? The failure at having been peace in that moment.
Understanding of what you feel coming from the heart, welcoming every feeling as it comes from the contact with non-Love met, while never detaching the contact with listening to your own heart, understanding that the expression of non-Love manifested from that brother is only h9is great failure at listening to his own heart, this allows you to understand in the heart that aggression, reaction, debate, and even placing distances, can also be for you an experience of bitterness and of failure.
For you the peace in the heart, wanting the peace in the heart, will be to welcome your emotions without reacting; it will be to welcome your emotions without attacking; it will be to welcome your emotions without the need to place distances by distancing yourselves from that person.
In your heart it will be more a case of evaluating that the Love manifested by that brother is not as great as it could be, and that he ought to grow in his awareness.
In the heart that is listened to you understand the consequences of non-Love upon you as necessary, tools that allow you to be peace in difficult moments and that, like the other person, you are going through a journey and sometimes it is necessary in order to be peace in times of difficulty.
This moment of difficulty for you will turn into a success for you because through your non-reaction, non-aggression, non-devaluation of the other person, you will have affirmed the strong Love in your heart and this is where your success will be.
I know that many of you right now think that your reaction can be necessary to compensate a concept of Love to a manifestation of non-Love born from the other, but juxtaposition is never an act of Love, rather it’s an act of pride, and if you think that contrasting is not a gesture from the heart, why would Love need to affirm itself? Dozens and dozes of example, nobody that was ever attacked matured Love inside themselves, and no change was ever brought with them, no growth, no change.
In the heart only the Love expressed can bring a stimulus for change, only in the example of Love that was felt and communicated is possible to find a sweet stimulus to change. And if peace governs you, all of your Love in the expression of yourselves will be able to promote change.
I know, the journey is still very long, and you are learning, being the realization of Love is a sweet journey that also goes through from being Love even in difficult times, and even juxtaposition can be necessary to grow as you desire for yourselves,
Embraced in my arms, accept the necessary journey, my Love is always ready to help,
I kiss you my brothers,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 17th July 2008
Wanting The Peace in The Heart Understanding And Awareness
Wanting The Peace in The Heart
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