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Spirit To Live As A Spirit Also Existence

Spirit To Live As A Spirit Your Existence On Earth Message
Spirit To Live As A Spirit Your Existence : my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, this message concludes the effort of a year, among you there are many hearts that have been following me with a lot of persistence and they have a garden inside their hearts, life is the same, but the heart is freer to be Love and thus it sends emotions of true life; there is a need for these emotions to see life inside its entire existence, made up of the experiences in the physical body and the experiences that we mature as a Spirit and this is how our messages have gradually brought you to just be, to live as a Spirit also your existence on earth; this progression has been very important my brothers, we lead a life on earth in initial unawareness, we begin to seek a meaning in being in the moment, we choose a road that is sweet to walk to, and while we learn, a sweet awareness fills our hearts and the heart is a garden full of truth; you are slowly slowly experimenting this garden, those flowers are inside you, it is what you have conquered.
Now the moment of the interruption for your summer vacation is coming near, just like at school now life is for you to touch, treasuring what you learned so far.
In this school you learned to sweetly feel your Love, to listen to your heart inside you, to answer with Love by giving Love, there is more awareness of the Love that is inside you and you are expressing it in all of your being. Just like you learned to understand your brothers through their difficulties to be that heart that beats inside them, so you are learning that being Love requires constant reflection and constant choice to be able to be Love, over time you are learning that being a heart starts with yourselves.
Your being yourselves is therefore the beginning, the unfolding, the end of every incarnation, the end of every experience of the Spirit. In other people the contact through which the Spirit learns by experimenting, constant opportunities are in the other brothers and are there for your growth. Every brother needs others to grow, and in the exchange among you is the treasure of being brothers.   Every time someone is in contact with you, that is an opportunity, a contact for growth, every one constitutes an occasion to express yourselves in your heart, to get to know the emotions that the contact sends and to make your own heart more and more an expression of what you are in your Spirit.
A sweet declaration is always inside you, all of you my brothers, those that life brings to me, those that surround me, those that live in the world like me are my brothers and with every meeting my heart meets another brother, every meeting brings me the heart of a brother of mine and with every meeting I will bring my heart to that brother. And if Love is manifested in me, my brother will meet with Love when meeting me. And this is what every meeting allows me: being Love for my brother. Being Love is what I feel like being. Being Love depends on me, in giving voice to the Love that I feel inside me, I can feel it myself, and as I listen I can hear the manifestation of myself to the other, and feel if in this manifestation I feel myself completely reflected. The complete expression of myself is therefore an opportunity. I am the complete manifestation of my heart, manifestation of the Spirit that is inside me to my brother.
Sublime Love is complete expression. Just like the Father has this goal for every child, the sublime expression of himself.
This is our progress, the journey to the sublime expression of ourselves.
And we shall say goodbye with this hope in the heart, that every moment may be for us an opportunity to make ourselves sublime.
With all of my Love, I stay by you, may you stay by me every day.
Your brother Jesus Christ.
Message dictated 21st July 2008.
Spirit To Live As A Spirit Also Existence On Earth Message
Spirit To Live As A Spirit Also Existence
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