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Joy To Have Joy As Objective

Joy To Have Joy As Objective Taking On The Responsibility To Be In The Joy
Joy To Have Joy As Objective : a month has gone by, time for holiday, and our hearts illuminate with joy for our encounter, brothers, sisters, the joy I feel today is enormous, for me to be here with all of your hearts, it’s the emotion that I have been awaiting for a month, the joy I feel at being able to speak to you, to tell you about the emotions I feel, this fills this entire sheet with joy, every word is joy, every syllable is joy, every letter is my heart expressing its joy; being with you, can you imagine? we are united, no Sky and no earth, united, our hearts all united in a moment of joy, may this feeling continue to accompany us from now on.
The future to which we look at for your hearts, may the joy become an endless emotion, we know that this can depend on us, it’s a great responsibility to have your joy as an important objective, however this is what Love is, taking on the responsibility to be happiness for the other heart, and there are many of you, it’s a sweet responsibility, it’s a great responsibility.
This is what I have in my heart, I feel responsibility for each one of your individual hearts and for helping you to be in the joy, moment after moment.
I speak to you because of this feeling, I want to allow each one of you to feel me inside the heart, now, in what I am feeling.
The message I am sending is sweet, this brother Jesus who loves you so much to put joy at the center of his heart, responsibility to donate joy to you and fill your hearts with joy, allowing you to feel yourselves as joy, moment after moment.
And as you are joy, my contribution is in your being joy.
When we reflect on a brother or a sister, when we think about how to help you, when we are hugging, when it is possible for us to console you, aren’t we simply putting the heart inside our center? Isn’t’ it joy all that we want for that sister or that brother? Of course, joy is what pushes us to console because we would like to give joy to that heart; joy is what pushes us to understand because joy is what we would like that heart to experience; and the physical body is simply joy in the expression of this body, both in the gesture and in the words because joy is what we would like to donate.
All this is joy that, right at that moment, is deployed to bring joy to the other heart.
This is the feeling: joy donated to the other person and this is the feeling that the receiving heart experiences, the joy that it feels inside us as it takes care of our difficulties.
In moments of difficulty it is difficult to ask, not disturbing, asking for help for ourselves, asking for help to take care of ourselves, it’s the difficulty that makes us so fragile during those moment, and now imagine one of your brothers, he wants so much joy for you, and by donating he puts you in the position to feel to that intense joy that he feels inside his chest. The heart is changed by this contact and it feels a new possibility inside, in the contact with joy the heart regains contact with itself in the smile, and this is consoling, and this is joy donated.
In the same way that a body that wraps up, a boundary given to that body from the other body sends understanding and unity and support, and it sends expression of joy in being a unity, think of that heart that lives through its own being in difficulty, in uneasiness, in its being loneliness, what will it find in that embrace? The joy of that person of being a unity with him, a promise of joy in the union with him. This is the consolation that the heart is feeling.
We are all brothers and our hearts are the same, we are all the same in the emotions and this is why we can understand each other, both by giving and by receiving.
And this is also for me, this is why my heart feels the need to donate itself with joy to your hearts, donating itself for you, donating itself to put joy into your hearts and to put both these consoled hearts and you in the condition to be joy yourselves.
And with great joy I say goodbye to you my loved brothers and my loved sisters.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 1st September 2008.
Joy To Have Joy As Objective Taking On The Responsibility To Be In The Joy
Joy To Have Joy As Objective
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