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A Life In The Love Life Is Today

A Life In The Love Life Is Today United To You Presence With You
A Life In The Love Life Is Today : my sweet and loved brothers, and my sweet and loved sisters, life is today, just like today is every day, life is today; I know you are always thinking “I need to do” making projects, however, right at that time when you are taking care of your project, where are your feelings?
I will start with an example. In front of my eyes I have an example to explain this to you. Sara listens to my words, she is focused, she pays attention to my words which she then transcribes. While she listens, she also reflects, she evaluates every single word, she hears, she transcribes and she evaluates. While she is doing this, her attention sometimes goes to examples, to stories that others communicate to her, and again while listening she understands this because the Sky is explaining it. She pays a lot of attention, it is difficult to hear me, she hears me inside her heart for you, for the brother who will listen to my words, for the sister who will read them, I exist for others, not for her at that moment. Evaluating, listening, therefore transcribing. I would sweetly like for our Sara to feel inside her feeling that if I dictate words it is to help you, and if I dictate them to her it is because of the sweet Love that I am feeling for her being, since a long long time ago, we were already united in time, in the past just like we are united right now. I know that today is important just like back then, however I feel strongly about explaining these dictations to you so that you may realize inside your heart that my presence inside your heart is endless.
Messages, we not only shared messages but also your own journeys, the experience we matured, every moment of difficulty, every moment of pain, all the joy you felt we also shared with you. Right now you listen to me and I see that you are understanding.
Just like with you, I share my life with every brother, just like with you I share my life with every sister, and you have me next to you not only in the messages but it is also in every experience that I am with you, next to you.
So here is why today is so important, because it is in this moment, in the moment of today that I am next to you, and very sweetly I read life with you, the experience of it.
This is all in the feeling, my presence next to you.
This solitude is rich with my own presence.
Feeling me in the heart next to you is a treasure, it’s being together, united moment by moment, communicating with the heart, knowing that I am united to all of you. In that moment I am there, I am always united to you. I listen to you, I listen to you as you cry, I listen to your desperation, I hear your worries and your hopes and the happy moments, and I listen to your enthusiasm, I welcome your emotions in the heart and I always have words for you, words that I communicate to your heart. This is our today, every moment united inside the heart. I do not come back and forth from earth, I am next to you at all times, because I am with you.
The light spreads, today is always illuminated by my presence next to all of you brothers, I am not with you only on certain moments, but we share the entire experience.
Now you understand, I made the example with Sara, however each one of you asks himself if my intervention is in the moment of need, or in the obstacle you found, or during the Mass service, or in a specific moment, there is no need to call me or to cry for me to come to you, because I have always been there, my presence with you is uninterrupted. Just like a star is a constant presence for the sun, so your brother Jesus is always with you, like a star.
With my Love I am like that brother who surrounds you and tells you words of hope, and places joy inside you.
It’s wonderful to be with you, sharing every moment, proceeding together along the path.
I am united with you because I love you.
The message concludes with a question: And You?
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 04th September 2008
A Life In The Love Life Is Today United To You Presence With You
A Life In The Love Life Is Today
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