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Let's Try To Truly Live

Let’s Try To Truly Live This Life Let’s Fill This Life With Love
Let’s Try To Truly Live : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, with my heart full of Love and tenderness I look at all of your lives, my gaze to you is full of Love, seeing you face life among your brothers, my eyes see how some hearts assist other brothers, and what those hearts are expressing; my gaze is full of tenderness as I see the difficulties that many hearts face while they are being an expression of themselves; the expression in the materiality today is an expression of the Spirit hidden from your eyes, the being Love is an expression toward the outside of what you are, it comes from you, the Love that you feel inside you is actually you, the Love you bring to your brothers is actually You.
Life is an expression of your Love at the moment when you bring to the outside what you feel inside your heart. The desire to live in the great Love is inside you.
As you look around you do reflect, the desire is inside every heart, but the road is full of obstacles. Being Love is a continuous choice, through difficulties being Love becomes a difficult choice, just like in moments of pain that being Love is a great difficulty, and the daily problems make it very complicated to be Love.
During difficult moments the road is abandoned, and this is the general reflection of your brothers around you.
Your desire is at the bottom of your heart, and it waits, it waits for solutions to problems, and truths about your status, and it waits for changes on the outside, it waits for Love. The road is interrupted, the heart waits.
There is pain during this waiting period, not understanding the truth is in this waiting, solitude is in this waiting, looking at brothers in pain is also in this waiting.
And once again the Spirit reclaims its desire to live in the great Love. Waiting brings pain.
All of you have hope in your waiting, but over time this pain diminishes hope.
You see my brothers how much understanding I feel for you, and I feel sweet tenderness for your hearts that are suffering and that life spent waiting.
Pain is when you freeze the heart in order to wait.
You do not realize that Love ends the pain
Many brothers tried it, they broke the waiting by starting to Love all over again, passions, even small passions, put back again a heart into movement and they felt once again passion and life, and with greater intensity they have rediscovered inside themselves even more intensely the heart that started beating again, and so once again this desire has been rescued and taken back, and brought by the heart back to the life among you.
And then what happened in life? Being among you brought a sweet stimulus, with your own example, with your own being Love it has filled the wait of those brothers for what their hearts were waiting for, feeling themselves, that being, that placing Love all around has renewed the desire to be also immersed in their great Love.
This is what you are, you have known silence in the expression of yourselves, you experimented the wait, the difficulties that life brought you, and the great pain as you look around seeking brothers that used to live life and not being able to find them, this hope you experimented begins to diminish more and more, those moments were full of richness because you learned that being yourselves always and only comes from yourselves, it’s only from your own being that you can affirm your being, sometimes it is a choice, sometimes it is a stimulus, but it’s always your being that comes from you.
Therefore, let’s reflect with all of my own being: is my desire inside me to be immersed into the life in the great Love very strong? Come on, let’s try to truly live this life, let’s fill this life with Love
Your brother Jesus next to you
Message dictated 8th September 2008
Let’s Try To Truly Live This Life Let’s Fill This Life With Love
Let’s Try To Truly Live
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