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The Journey On Earth Expression Of Yourselves

The Journey On Earth To Seek The Complete Expression Of Yourselves
The Journey On Earth Expression Of Yourselves : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today we will continue to talk about the journey that each one of you has chosen to go through on earth; the journey is always to seek the complete expression of yourselves, what you have been in the journey is the baggage of the experience that you will bring with you when you return to the home of the Father, and everything you conquered on earth will always be with you.
Every experience, every moment of experience, every moment when you experiment yourselves, in which you express yourselves, this is when your baggage is enriched and becomes larger.
Every moment of experience where there is the awareness of being expression of your own Love is a moment when you enrich your baggage. Awareness means to feel in the heart that you are the expression of yourselves in the Love.
When you give yourselves to people, with inside your heart the desire to share your feelings, what you are experimenting is awareness inside the heart, you are yourselves as you give yourselves, you are the desire to bring yourselves, you are emotions.
Today, for example, there are many hearts who feel the desire to bring peace into the hearts of their own brothers. Today is September 11th. A great day of mourning, a memory of destruction, a memory of fighting, memory of cultural incomprehension, and in the heart the great desire for an existence within peace, of agreement between brothers, and of exchange in the desire to come closer.
Think of those hearts, brothers who go down the road with you, and that only by getting close to them allows you to distinguish them as brothers. And placing peace is your desire. And you have consciousness that you are bringing peace, the feeling of being peace, you reduce the distance between brother and brother.
You are the expression of your heart that wishes to bring peace among brothers while manifesting its own feeling of Love to others.
This is a moment of enrichment for you, you bring peace in the face of war. You are the expression of the heart that seeks peace.
It’s an important moment when inside you there is awareness of what you are bringing. Your expression to the other person is always of you who are speaking, being aware of the contents of your heart, this is also placing respect into the other person.
When you answer a brother, an impression of voice and facial expression and gesture and words are the overall expression of you in what you feel. When that brother will listen to you he will take from what the heart of the other brother at that moment. He will perceive the communication that talks about you from his eyes and from his ears.
The emotions you can feel inside are many, you carry them without awareness, however today you are learning that communication with another brother means asking yourselves what you are feeling in your heart, and as you communicate this your expression will tell that brother the exact content of what is in your heart.
It can be difficult for many people, to stop and ask yourselves and then communicate what your heart is feeling, and in a rush it becomes a difficulty, however life within consciousness of your expression of yourself means baggage and growth.
Baggage is growth in the expression of yourselves, the objective of each one of your journeys of life on earth.
So, the expression of yourselves is therefore that of awareness, expression within consciousness, expression of the feeling that you carry inside your heart: feeling of peace, closeness, equality, sharing, agreement, respect, in a word, Love.
This is a brother who follows his journey: he lives in the awareness that the journey is the opportunity for a complete expression of his being, the being feeling in the expression of his heart, feeling of manifested Love, to itself, to others. Awareness of being expression of yourselves.
With Love, with much Love I embrace you.
With you, your brother Jesus Christ,
Message dictated 11th September 2008
The Journey On Earth To Seek The Complete Expression Of Yourselves
The Journey On Earth Expression Of Yourselves
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