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Freedom And Life Freedom Of Expression

Freedom And Life Freedom Of Expression To Be A Heart Means Freedom
Freedom And Life Freedom Of Expression : my sweetest and loved brothers, my sweetest and loved sisters, freedom in the heart, for you to be a heart means freedom of expression, for us being a heart means freedom, in the message I dictated what I feel in my heart, and it makes this a moment of freedom, I dictated words to be of help, and this precise moment is freedom, I embrace with Love and this moment is also freedom, being expression of myself is this freedom, freedom of my heart is at all times.
I Am, I Am freedom at all times. Freedom to exist as a heart. Freedom is all the time. And in this freedom is the Love that I have inside. The meaning can not take away my freedom.
Let’s reflect together on freedom and life.
Among all your brothers there are many of you who are not aware of their project of growth in their incarnation; this unawareness brings them to make mistakes regarding Love, in their eyes what seems to count is the experience of materiality and not of the heart, and their attitude does not allow you to be yourselves, you erase freedom from yourselves to be yourselves, this very important freedom is deleted, freedom to be yourselves. There are a thousand moments, a thousand opportunities where you erase your freedom. Being is freedom. And you await opportunities to be, opportunities to be your own freedom.
Being freedom is inside you, but it awaits an opportunity.
Freedom, is this freedom?
This freedom is in the expression of the heart. Freedom is in the “I am”, I am - regardless of that brother, of that situation, from their agreement of their disagreement, and it is me who chooses in full freedom the opportunity to express myself.
I see that you understand, I am the one who chooses the opportunity in full freedom. Me, Love, me as a heart, I am in freedom.
Then I see the consequences, however freedom is separate from that.
Being Love, in this is my freedom. Consequences as how that heart reacts when faced with Love. And it is the moment you notice his reaction that I listen to his difficulty in also being a heart in his own freedom. This opportunity is a further consequence that pushes me to be within my own freedom.
My loved brothers, my loved sisters, how can a love learn to be his own freedom if the hearts it meets do not live freedom? And all relations suffer from this lack of freedom in being Love.
I will leave you with this message, you are all loved by me in your hearts, and I come for you because I want to express my Love to you and as I express myself I give you my help. The Love we feel is completely for you and through the messages to you we communicate this Love at all times. This is our freedom, to love you in complete awareness.
Our Love that you sometimes doubt is complete, especially for you. Freedom to express it to you.
Freedom to put you in a position to express it to yourselves.
With much Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 14th September 2008
Freedom And Life Freedom Of Expression To Be A Heart Means Freedom
Freedom And Life Freedom Of Expression
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