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Light For The World Spirit Living

Light For The World Spirit Living This Experience On Earth
Light For The World Spirit Living : my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, with the heart, the existence with the heart, existence is the experience of the heart, minute after minute the experience is in you but it is an experience of the heart.
Your attention to your heart over time has brought you to making contact with the universe of emotions that are in you.
While listening to this universe you noticed emotional reactions induced by brothers to your heart, and at the same time I noticed you have your answers to these stimulations and again while you noticed you discovered how much Love was mobilized within you in these answers and again over time you discovered the necessity for your Love to find an ever greater expression of yourselves inside you.
All the time spent listening to yourselves has brought you to choices, you pondered over Love, right inside you, as you questioned yourselves, you have more and more sought to answer as Love as opposed to a materialistic individual who belonged to earth.
This is one of your great successes. You feel as a heart on earth, a sweet Spirit living this experience on earth from Paradise right now, however you are always and everywhere Spirit.
Over time you matured this Truth that guides you every day, and with your heart you illuminated the journey that is in front of you.
In every situation the experience of the heart is essential and you take your heart and the Love that is in you and you look at what happens to choose your being Love in every moment.
You are conquering your freedom. You take the freedom away from yourselves, situations that still have to be faced, with all the reflection inside you, situations that life will bring into contact with you from the existence with your brothers, so that your reflection may bring you even more freedom.
It is sweet to feel your own self being Love in freedom, you recognize yourselves in the Love, it’s a special emotion to feel surrounded by Love and expressing it, there is no more special emotion than expressing yourselves as Love.
Many of you during these specific moments carry themselves just like we carry ourselves in every moment with our own brothers and the emotion we are sharing is a light for the world and the progress is created in this light.
In the hearts united in the experience of donating Love, the earth knows progress, from its smallest plant to the most imposing mountain, from the heart of the earth to the atmosphere, meeting every creation, everything knows progress.
Many of you neglect the thought that every act of Love carries light with itself, the light that unites and contributes to create progress in everything that is living. I want to remind you of this so that you may always think that this important possibility for progress is within you, in every little gesture you do.
Just like everything is united, our doing is united to you, your every action is united to the all, a unity constantly defined promoting progress.
Do not always think of yourselves as distant brothers, each one of you is us and participates with your own actions. We express the light with our heart and it’s always the light that surrounds the planet and the creation and this light is the product of all of us. This is inside each single gesture. It’s good to always remind ourselves of this, United and unbreakable unity.
Progress. All of your choices to express yourselves as Love are promoting progress. Think of the possibility that you carry in your every single action. Within Love you carry possibility of progress.
In us is unity. In us is progress.
I embrace you with all of my great Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 18th September 2008
Light For The World Spirit Living This Experience On Earth
Light For The World Spirit Living
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