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Passion Of The Heart Existing In Life As Love

Passion Of The Heart Existing In Life As Love Being An Example
Passion Of The Heart Existing In Life As Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, why talk about the passion of the heart? because talking about passion has in its own meaning talking about the Love that comes from the heart and wraps up the entire exterior; my Love that is now involving all of your hearts and is illuminating you is a manifestation of my passion, the truly immense Love that I have for all of you my brothers.
As I help you, my Love expresses to you all my passion, my intent to help you, to help you grow, to help you as you understand and stimulate you to look toward the Sky to our example to utilize this example to guide you through this life.
Being an example is nothing other than existing in life as Love. For example, we exist in the life next to you as sweet Love that brings help, we exist next to you as an example of fulfilled Love, we exist next to you as an example of passion of the heart.
If it is true that over time many brothers, after listening to our voice speaking to you, have always accepted every manifestation from us as a manifestation of our transmitted passion, inside the heart the question continues on “How can I send the Love that is in me, as an example that speaks to me right now?”
You have doubts about the acceptance of your Love.
We exist as an example of Love that expresses itself, in you on earth is the same desire, however what you omit to realize is that in front of Love there are no conditions of impossibility, this, as opposed to you, is our thought. We look at everyone as hearts that need to be supported in the realization of themselves.
On earth every heart has met their experience and there are many heartsyet that have not matured an experience of a smile inside, and despite their desire, they have a concept of Love for others but not for themselves. And when a feeling of Love is only sent but not embraced they turn to their heart and they find a difficulty in welcoming it. So, it can happen that Love sent to them may not be received at the beginning, but if that heart continues to express itself in the Love, then little by little that heart will begin to treasure that Love and to welcome it for itself.
This is what passion also is, understanding the difficulty and donating yourselves as a project of Love.
Over time all of you meet some resistance and this is where we send an example from us; these manifestations act as a guide for you who are fulfilling your desire, it is the support of Love so your project may be realized and every word we dictate is a manifestation of the Love of brothers for other brothers, it’s a manifestation of Love, to give you an example of all the passion that is in inside each one of our actions.
In every one of our manifestations toward our brothers is the Love for everyone, there are many situations where as we turn to one person we simultaneously send Love to everyone. And if our Love exists simultaneously for all brothers, there is also a message that can be heard by every heart if it chooses to welcome these words as sent to him.
Inside the heart there are specific possibilities that must be nourished by the awareness that Love is always present for a child, awareness that Love exists and it Loves you, awareness that Love is always to help you, awareness that Love in the passion wants to welcome others into its heart and to be welcomed by each one of its children.
Love has always sweet words for each one of its children, sweet words that every heart chooses to accept.
Looking forward to our next encounter, I say goodbye with Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message sent 22nd September 2008
Passion Of The Heart Existing In Life As Love Being An Example
Passion Of The Heart Existing In Life As Love
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