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On The Path Of Love Emotions Responsibility

On The Path Of Love Emotions Responsibility And Constant Choice
On The Path Of Love Emotions Responsibility : my loved and dear brothers and my loved sisters, come on, all together, let’s bring Love on earth; earth is all around you, every little piece of space you occupy is earth, it’s the world, there is no distance, you are in the world and it’s exactly where you find the possibility for yourselves to express yourselves as Love and as you express it you experiment yourselves, you get to know yourselves, as Love; your growth lies entirely in this experimentation.
Many occasions act as a stimulus for the heart inside you, growth lies in your listening to yourselves and not in the river of words.
How do I live this situation? What does the heart of my brother express? How can I answer with my help? Helping him to make contact with my heart and with what he feels inside his own heart? How can I answer by giving him an important message of Love? How can I sow respect and justice, Love in all these hearts?
These are the many things that a heart has inside when it has chosen growth for himself, when he has chosen evolution, when he has chosen Being Love.
You see how many words are used to create a message that is understandable to the eyes but that has emotions inside, not words. The road to Love paved with emotions and in these emotions the heart expresses itself outside and also expresses itself inside.
And again the emotions express themselves to you, emotions are communicated from the heart, the words used are the translation of the emotions felt.
And here is your world, a world made of emotions, made of hearts. And you are like a heart and others are like hearts.
Today, in order to even sell you a product they work on your emotions because man is made of emotions.
Emotion, heart. Emotions of the heart. This is the sweet emotion that responds inside you. Me as a heart, me as Love, me as I experiment myself as a heart, I feel the Love inside me and I embrace this feeling and I feed from this feeling and outside of myself I wish to bring my feeling of Love.
Your world is all around you to experiment yourselves, to listen to the expression of the emotions of other hearts and to answer by giving an emotion of Love that is activated inside you.
Brothers, your worlds, all those worlds is what make up the earth. It’s like math, your addition, earth is the sum of all of your worlds.
It’s important to understand this because you are all simultaneously on earth but inside your own worlds. If you sow, the entire earth will witness the sowing, if you reply from the heart, your earth will witness a feeling. If the message will be from Love, all places of earth will know the message of Love.
So inside every single day you are the one who determines how much Love there is going to be on earth. This responsibility is on you, this constant choice.
My brothers, my sisters, this responsibility is important in the choice of the heart; if, as I love, I fill my world with Love, if I am not only the only one to do that but also my brother, my sister do the same, then here is the result for earth, if I put Love then I will find more Love expressed in the world by my brothers and this is my great desire, just like I know it is the same desire inside all of my brothers, and my Love can build the dream of everybody.
This is what a heart that is sowing communicates, from my Love more Love will be born for everybody else.
This topic is to encourage all of you to believe in yourselves, to believe in your possibilities to be able to create the perfect world that is inside your collective dream. Those who sow Love participate in the dream and in its great realization.
One moment, a message, they are words for hearts and now your hearts as they reply in the Love will give meaning to my own words.
And while I embrace you, I feel a sweet emotion inside my heart, aaah, how happy I am, how much I am loving you, you are my joy and it’s a joy to be here to talk to your hearts. I dedicate this sweet emotion to you, may you be able to feel it by sowing your Love across the world.
With all of my heart.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 25th September 2008
On The Path Of Love Emotions Responsibility And Constant Choice
On The Path Of Love Emotions Responsibility
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