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Being On Earth A Heart React Or Understand

Being On Earth A Heart React Or Understand The Anguish In The Heart
Being On Earth A Heart React Or Understand : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, let’s look around ourselves with our heart, there are brothers, sisters, they are all hearts who are next to us; there are problems among brothers, hearts that are experimenting themselves and that seek possible harmony, not all brothers know the objective that they gave themselves in their being on earth, and they tend to react more to situations as opposed to understanding the importance of their own Being in the individual situations, it’s a reaction that creates block, understanding that creates progress in the heart.
In front of so many emotions the hearts of the brothers react defensively, they attack to defend themselves, they impose thoughts instead of questioning themselves, they impose many rules to find a more controllable world. However in front of your eyes you have an anguished heart that is afraid to be overwhelmed by life.
A heart that is afraid of a bad destiny is anguished, a heart that feels as if it is alone is an anguished heart, a heart in need is an anguished heart, a heart that feels misunderstood is an anguished heart, a heart that believes that life on earth is the only reality is an anguished heart and again a heart that does not recognize a brother in other hearts will feel anguish. These are examples of hearts that surround you and that share your world, anguish, they are hearts full of anguish.
The heart that questions itself understands that the anguish lies in feeling alone.
The time when you used to feel anguish is very far away from you now, you have understood that your passage on earth exists in the light, you understood that Love is always present in the Sky, and you have lit up the light that guides you in your Being Love. Now you use your understanding, understanding for all those moments where listening and questioning your heart place your heart for others, and as such you contribute to lowering the anguish in the heart of your brothers.
In the times past you knew anguish, in the present it is now freedom of expression in an infinity of experiences. The cause and effect of this reaction have made room for the expression of your Being.
Brothers, if over time all this was possible it’s because the words I dictated form the Sky were heard by your anguished hearts and today, as always, together with us you feel as if you Are, and with our examples in guiding you, you carry the same example to others. There is so much sweetness in being Love.
There, around you, brothers with anguished hearts, they seek other hearts in order to find themselves, this is the life around you, the life to which you participate, the existence in which you grow in the heart.
The life you lead is in the discovery of the heart and your destiny is in the growth of the heart. So much sweet Love will be rediscovered and used all around you, and this is sweet destiny. In your minds you think of the events that are already written, to proofs, to challenges, this concept is so far away from the Truth, destiny is inside you in your attempts, in events, in how you will face them, will you put reaction, or reflection and rediscovery of Love?
An event that is inherently negative is always determined by a reaction, a reaction to defeat it. An event used as an attempt has inside possibilities for the sweet Love to overcome it as a growth. An attempt is an opportunity, every opportunity where in front of your eyes you have a brother who experiments anguish in his heart.
This is anguish, it’s the dominant element. You overcome it by drawing experience from your heart inside you, to then bring Love to that heart.
Brothers, sisters, I embrace you, may your hearts continue to express themselves more and more.
With immense Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 6th October 2008
Being On Earth A Heart React Or Understand The Anguish In The Heart
Being On Earth A Heart React Or Understand
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