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Awareness The Love Of The Heaven

Awareness The Love Of The Heaven Sweet Feeling That Guides You
Awareness The Love Of The Heaven : my loved and sweet brothers, my loved and sweet sisters, with the heart, with my heart I will come to you, with a sweet feeling I come to meet with you, how sweet is the Love that I feel for all of you, all of you who are building your road using your heart; inside you there is an increasing awareness that the Love of the Heaven guides you, it’s a feeling, a sweet feeling that guides you and gives you a message to be Love.
Each day of your lives spent inside the heart answers to this invitation “Sweet feeling, be a sweet feeling” and as soon as your heart hears this, it expresses sweet feelings all around it. The Love inside you is expressed by sowing Love. And your brothers simply pick up this affection from you in the air, an affection that allows the hearts to open up.
And every sweet gesture that comes from it is like a seed that has sprouted.
This is produced by the heart, from the feeling comes possibility for a heart to open up.
My Love talks to you all the time, it is always explaining things to you, it comes before every speech, affection, a feeling in the heart for you is joy to be able to help you, it’s awareness of the Love felt for you my brothers. This is my heart, my brother listening to you, brother who is reading to me, brother, my brother, you listening to me now, you reading this now, you are my sweet sisters, you, my sister, and I have so much feeling for you inside myself.
Therefore you listen to me from your heart every time you are in need and you think of my Love for you, so big, and you place faith in your heart because you know that next to you there is all my Love, and together we go forward together, and the road ahead is full of light when we go down this road together.
I come next to you, and I whisper “Love, be Love” to your heart, and going forward together I see you grow and walk with more and more confidence of the Love that is inside you.
Life throws so many challenges to you, you reflect and you feel, and at the time of making a choice, what you express is sweet Love, and the light is inside you, in this heart happy to have been affection inside you and for others at that moment.
The light from your chest is also upon me, and it generates a lot, a lot of affection inside me. Words are mute when compared to affection. Listen to me inside your heart, I am joy, joy for you, joy that comes from my heart for you. I remain embraced to your heart, Love.
Being a feeling amongst us, being Love illuminates our profiles and this is the light that we send all together, and this is our footprint, the light of Love.
Affection, I speak of affection, of Love, I feed you with Love and I tell you “Love, be Love”.
Your day has ended, you built so much today, you sowed seeds of Love from your heart, now rest in peace, you will see the effect of your Love that you spread, I can see it already, I see your relaxed face, and while you revisit your day you experience the emotion again, the Love of your day.
I kneel to kiss you, tomorrow, we will be together tomorrow.
And with a Love song I shall leave, tomorrow, there is always tomorrow, on earth and in the Heaven.
With all of my Love
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 9th October 2008
Awareness The Love Of The Heaven Sweet Feeling That Guides You
Awareness The Love Of The Heaven
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