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Existence May Be Life Love Is Inside The Life

Existence May Be Life Love Is Inside The Life Message Of Love
Existence May Be Life Love Is Inside The Life : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, once again today I am here with you, as always inside your hearts; I dictated a message to your heart ”I am with you”, this is what I express in my message “I am always with you, brothers” and finding myself in the Love is like finding myself within you, no interruption, in that moment where you seek Love, I am with you, I am right there manifesting myself to you; in your prayers just like in your individual thoughts, whatever is born from your heart has me right next to you, I know that in your thoughts you believe it is not an effort to be always with you, but do you think my brothers that my help is not needed at all times?
In life there are many conditions, being on earth means not only moments of joy for you, being on earth is like watching and seeing injustice, it’s establishing relationships and being disappointed, it’s desiring and being defeated, being on earth there are situations where there is no Love coming from your brothers. This is why I believe that my constant presence next to you is necessary. As a brother who has sacrificed his life for the Love of his own brothers, being resurrected means accompanying you in the Love so that your existence may always be life inside you. And in existence, Love is inside the life.
I am with you in the Love so that your existence may be life.
This is the message of Love that I place inside your heart in all moments of Love, “I am inside you, from our union you are experimenting the life inside you, we share emotion in the Love, sweet affection, this is the feeling of life when a heart is activated to Love”. This great emotion you are feeling inside you and that gives a smile to your brothers is an emotion of infinite joy, it’s the life inside you, it’s life in our two hearts joined together, it’s an emotion that reflects our divine nature, we are made of Love and only in a moment of Love life is inside us. And I accompany you in the Love.
When existence takes place on earth, life is full of chores, from your work to accompanying a child, to taking care of all needs, however, life for a heart means placing a feeling while you are taking care of those chores and for the heart the feeling that life brings you to experience is the feeling of Love.
The simple existence knows so much humanity, a long succession of chores after chores, it feels an emptiness in the heart, that feeling of emptiness brings depression, that heart only experiences tiredness of life itself, simple existence is the absence of heart, but the same effort taken care of within the Love then makes the heart shine, and every single gesture takes on a meaning, every moment, every second has life within it. That meaning is mobilized by Love, that meaning is inside the emotion that was felt, that you lived, that lights up, that meaning is dedicating yourselves to the effort with Love.
So much loneliness is nothing but the absence of Love, not necessarily absence from other people, but it’s often distance from the heart, but how can life manifest itself if the heart is not there in the many efforts in life?
The Love manifested in the effort makes loneliness an unknown concept to the heart; the Love manifested in the effort makes sadness an unknown concept to the heart; Love manifested in the effort, and life becomes experience and expression of life, inside you is the reflection of my effort for you.
Changing from simple existence into life is never a product of other people, it’s inside your heart, as a constant possibility to experiment a feeling of vitality, feeling of live, this emotion is inside your heart, it turns to Love from inside the heart.
You are the ones creating this opportunity through every moment of Love.
As always, I embrace you and as always I kiss you with Love
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 20th October 2008
Existence May Be Life Love Is Inside The Life Message Of Love
Existence May Be Life Love Is Inside The Life
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