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The Message Of Love Message For Every Heart

The Message Of Love Message For Every Heart If Love ...
The Message Of Love Message For Every Heart : my precious brothers, my precious sisters, I am with you, next to you, in your hearts, I am always with you. I am always united to your heart, Love united with your Love, I am always inside you brothers, but it’s in the sweet moments where you are expression of Love that our union is palpable; you feel the Love so great inside you, it’s my brother that is talking to me, this is my brother’s heart that is now busy interacting with my heart, to be sweet Love for other people, this is the experience of union which I hear so often talked about, this is the feeling that indicates to me that I am with Him, and if this Love that I feel within this experience speaks to me about him, it’s the desire of my heart to be with Him all the time; this Love I am feeling is the confirmation of His presence inside me, if He was light, he would be expressing himself like a lighthouse, if he was a star he would be expressing itself like an entire universe, this is the Love that he has inside and that He sends through me, so, if Love allows me to feel all this, may Love be truly a constant expression inside me, may the Love I am feeling bring confirmation to many hearts having problems in front of their eyes “do not doubt, our Brother is with us in the heart to help, to allow discovering himself within every heart, to teach to trust what you feel, to make contacts to guide in our fulfillment”.
These are the words of a heart that feels within Love. This is the message brought from a heart to his brothers about what it felt, and it’s a message for every heart.
Only earth knows this message because in the Sky Love is a visible presence, Love in a gesture is visible there, it’s constant manifestation of its Being. The message of Love inside the heart belongs only to life on earth, and only in the sweet Love is where a heart can feel it, and have confirmation of it only through that contact.
Its message of Love is for us so we can be Love .
Forever, for us, all of His Love, brothers do not ever doubt it, seek Him inside your heart, inside your being Love, and that sweet universe will light up inside you and you will blinded by His light and you will feel His great Love inside you. Do not doubt, rather confirm his presence, He is always with us, He is inside your heart, a moment of Love, united in the heart, presence, confirmation.
In the heart He is embracing you right now, our Brother awaits your moment of Love so you can be manifestation. It’s always inside you waiting to be discovered.
I embrace you with Him
Sara Luce and your Brother Jesus Christ united in the moment of Love
Message transmitted from the heart on 16th October 2008
The Message Of Love Message For Every Heart If Love
The Message Of Love Message For Every Heart
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