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Hope Opening Of The Heart Feeling

Hope Opening Of The Heart Feeling A Part Of The Love
Hope Opening Of The Heart Feeling : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my heart knows hope, the heart knows that moment of opening that brings you to look at everything as a possibility. It’s the moment when you look at life not with your eyes but with your heart, and you see a solution that the eyes do not see; opening of the heart is moment of hope, there is belief in hope, there is projection into the Sky in a moment of hope, a projection that the request for help may be heard, projection that a worry will be heard and the wish may be welcomed and that all important need may be fulfilled.
And in the Sky words of request for help are written, and the Sky welcomes them and listens.
There are many words written in the Sky, and every word is welcomed and listened to.
First of all this brings happiness to the heart, as the heart wrote its request, it feels happiness in knowing it’s being heard, and it’s in that opening up that the heart knows its first own contact with the Sky, that happiness in feeling a part of the much bigger Love that exists.
Feeling a part of it is the emotion contained in the hope. I believe I am a spark, a particle of the Love of the creation, part of the Love of a whole Love that exists, and this is what the heart feels within the hope.
Then the days go by and the hope does not find its solution; why did the Sky abandon me? The mind asks itself, am I alone? The mind repeats itself, am I unheard? The mind continues, desperation overcomes the feeling, closing up that heart that from that moment on starts to feel abandoned.
Brothers, hope spoke to you from your heart, it told you faith, it told you I believe, it told you I am part of a whole, not the mind, but the heart told you I will always be listened to. The heart spoke to you, and listening to it is listening to that part of you that is your own Spirit.
Sometimes the requests are not aimed at your own goodness, or perhaps they are only for the immediate short term, but every moment contains an important teaching and it will be through the accepting of the teaching that will build your real happiness and this is what the Sky looks at: your real satisfaction; in front of your eyes what you expect you will not see, but you will certainly see a help in facing in less time that problem to gain that precious teaching.
Many written requests look at help in the materiality, and even here the time needed can require longer time than your mind can conceive, the intervention in the materiality, beyond miracles, requires the help, the involvement of other hearts, brothers who could intervene and the contact with a heart requires time before it mobilizes.
Then there are sweet requests, sweet desires that want to be fulfilled, a Love, a child, but there is a lot in you, in the health and in the bodies, in the going out, in the meeting one another, Love waits for the contact, and you are sustained in your search, your heart together with us is mobilized and feels possibility, and meets possibility.
And then there is the famous miracle and I should like to remind you here, a miracle is a decisive intervention, and this is done by the Father and by not many of us, and this is because it’s important to always think of the heart of a child, at the experience that is it maturing, at the purpose of the existence that it had originally set out, and at the same time to think of all others involved in this, at their desires, at the meaning also for them of the experience that they are living, their own objectives that they chose for their lives. Contemplating all this is extremely important, it’s a great responsibility toward all of the hearts involved. In this is the difficulty, thinking of what is good for every heart involved. There is a miracle for that brother but there is also a miracle within the miracle for all hearts involved. But there is a miracle specifically as a decisive intervention.
Notice, in the Sky every word written by the heart is welcomed and listened to, and the Sky always sends you Love, but a Love of real help to you, Love that will be of true help for you, true goodness for you, this is a priority for us; that our intervention may always be of help for your authentic good.
This is what your hope asks for: your authentic good, and this Sky is the answer, always and forever.
With the heart continue to hope with us next to you
With Love, this Sky
Jesus Christ
Hope Opening Of The Heart Feeling A Part Of The Love was the Message dictated 6th November 2008
Hope Opening Of The Heart Feeling A Part Of The Love
Hope Opening Of The Heart Feeling
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