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Being An Example Of Love

Being An Example Of Love Being An Example Of A Brother
Being An Example Of Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, I come to you from my heart, to you who listen to our words, to you who reflect, to you who bring with you the teachings through your words and your actions, my sweet brothers, it’s to you that I speak from my heart, do bring our presence to others from our hearts; today your materialism is erasing emotions, the light of Love in you is slowly dimming in the contact with this situation in the world that fills all of you with defeat.
Every other moment there is violence, abuse, wars, tribulations among many populations, and many brothers who do not have contact with the source of Love feel ever more far away from the reason for their being on earth.
Despair, there is so much despair in your world, despair that I constantly see inside the hearts, despair that eventually becomes premise for violence and attack on your own brothers.
And together with us you see violence in your own world and despair permeates inside you too, you who still believe in the heart of Love that every brother has inside.
And today I beg you, do not ever forget that every child of the Father was created in His image and likeness, seek in all people you meet the contact with their heart, with their affection, with their feeling, with the meaning that everyone of them is achieving here on earth.
You are human beings, but your eyes see through the world the meaning that many of them do not see because of their difficulties, and they need your help. And you, to whom I speak today, you can help.
In your being an example of Love, in your being an example of a brother who goes to help, who understands, who helps, who questions himself and offers a solution, in your being an example of the heart you can guide these wayward hearts toward the light, toward the truth, toward the Sky.
I know it’s impossible to involve all of them, but believe me, for every heart you help many more brothers will open up, and will be affected by the need for Love in their own lives.
Just being able to exist in these very difficult times is a great challenge, and even being considered one of the few is a test, and being viewed by your brothers as crazy or delusional is a massive test to put the heart through, but in the end each one of you knows that love means responsibility, it’s being a treasure in a moment of darkness, it’s remembering that since the very first days it’s Love that guided you on earth, it’s Love that you renewed your intent to bring on earth before you incarnated. And it’s always an experience of Love what you are leading in your current reality.
With every message we sustain your heart, with Love we sustain you and in every message the message of truth that sustains the truth you feel inside your heart. It’s this very brother who implores you from the Sky to believe in your own heart, in what you feel is the truth inside your own heart, in what you feel every moment you love and he speaks to you of what you are in the truth, Love, a luminous particle of Love.
And the time passed attempting to understand, attempting to know your own heart today is a treasure, knowledge of the temple is treasure, rediscovery of yourselves makes time a treasure, recapturing your own being Love makes time a treasure. You matured your treasure over time, and today it’s the time to give an opportunity to your brothers to rediscover themselves in your sweetest words, in the Love that you express toward others, in placing yourselves next to them and in helping them with all of your hearts.
This is the message of hope that you carry all the time, shower with hope the hearts of your brothers who today are still scared, who today are vagrants without a destination, lost in the time of the earth, today unhappy in their heart. Be their light with your heart, with your words, with your every gesture, in the light that you spread you illuminate the hearts of your brothers.
The Sky is with you at all times, it’s very close right next to you, it walks every moment with you and it adds warmth and Love to your every action.
With all of the Love of my heart for all of you my loved ones,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Being An Example Of Love Being An Example Of A Brother was the Message dictated 10th October 2008
Being An Example Of Love Being An Example Of A Brother
Being An Example Of Love
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