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Hope In The Heart Illusion And The Real Need

Hope In The Heart Illusion And The Real Need Of The Heart
Hope In The Heart Illusion And The Real Need : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, let’s continue the subject of hope, a heart in need asks this question “what is my great need? I really ask myself what is my great need?” you just need to ask yourselves to understand that sometimes the real need is not inside this materialism, but the real need is a need for a contact with the heart of other brothers, with other brothers toward whom you feel affection, a contact with the world of affection of others; this is the reason why it’s good to ask yourselves why the objective of the heart, its need, needs to be fulfilled.
As you ask yourselves that question it’s possible to realize that often materialism creates an illusion, we may believe that what we see is the our need, but the true need is always inside the heart and it’s a need for feelings, not objects.
When this asking yourselves becomes the norm for the heart, it’s possible to put energy into it to meet the primary need that remains unaltered if the object or the material situation is met. Material need is just an illusion that the real need exists at heart level.
When your real necessity is understood in the heart, then the entire situation presents itself in front of your eyes in a different way, with needs to meet to bring serenity inside yourselves.
This journey will bring ever more into light the false needs and the real needs of the heart, and the need for Love is what brings inside you defeat, worry, anxiety. Need that once is met allows you to conquer harmony inside you.
Many brothers still do not ask themselves this question and they experience an initial moment of fleeting satisfaction in their conquering, in possessing that object, that specific possibility, however after that moment here they are, once again seeking more and more into the material world, and once they reach that point, for a moment and just for a moment, then comes the moment when the illusion is met only to be immediately replaced by another feeling of additional search, renewed search is what awaits that unsatisfied heart.
This is the reason for asking yourselves that question, it is truly that important for you, to conquer the satisfaction of the heart.
Meeting the real need in the heart puts you in the condition to pursue the true satisfaction, seeking what you are missing in the affection of the hearts, what you need to feel manifested, and once the change will take place all you will feel will be joy, and not just for a fleeting moment, but joy in the affection you are experiencing.
In this moment I have hope in my heart, in giving you advice I have satisfied in my heart my real need to be of help to you, and my need to guide you toward your conquest of your authentic happiness that the heart has, in the feeling of the heart, its true source.
Happily I embrace you once again today, with all of my Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Hope In The Heart Illusion And The Real Need Of The Heart was the Message dictated 14th November 2008
Hope In The Heart Illusion And The Real Need
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